Me- The Silver Phantom

Hi, My name is Chaitanya Vedak. I have named myself the Silver Phantom coz simply put, I have a Silver Unicorn, and a Silver WagonR. :)

I had harbored a childhood dream that I shall traverse the earth. But as the saying goes

"Money makes the world go round"

I didn't have the money part. But I had the fire in me. This led me to strive to realize my dreams.

By the Grace of God, I got myself a early start in the Career Race, and I managed to get myself a decent Bike, and soon after a Decent Car. Truthfully I could not have done this without the Support of my Wife.

Monika helped me iron out the chinks in my strategies so I could pursue my dreams without being disheartened.  She has waited patiently for my return on many occasions when I have gone for a ride. She is the Strongest Backbone and I can never thank and love her enough.

I have traveled enough and I still feel it is not enough. What I saw, what I felt, what I remembered, I have put Finger to Keyboard and set up this site for the world to share with me the Wonder, which is known as "Life well lived on Wheels"