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000-My Riding Gear

Here I have listed the Safety Riding Gear that I regularly use during my rides.

My and Monika's Helmets. Mine (Vega Boolean) and Monika's (Vega Boolean jawless variation)

one of my more recent acquisition. safety shoes which cost me around Rs.1100/=. Steel Toed, Hard Leather, Ankle Support, Acid and water resistant, ISI approved, Skid resistant. and the main thing is that they are pretty comfy. and while riding they don't play spoil sport while changing gears. much affordable than the 15,000/= to 20,000/= riding shoes. other types are also available in these safety shoes series, that is with higher ankle support, but they will come later.

My Riding Jacket Front side. Make DSG Falcon (4500/=), comes with Thermal Lining (which of course i removed to stop myself from cooking inside), Back support, Elbow and Shoulder guards. neat fit overall, also drizzle resistant.

My Jackets Back Side. the Pegasus+Unicorn Hybrid design i made myself, using a permanent marker. dumped the whole jacket in the washing machine and set to Soak+Wash. the ink doesn't fade. ;)

my Gloves. (approx 900/=, coz i cant seem to remember the exact price). good fit, with Armored knuckles, and breather holes at the fingers. along with some padding here and there. bought them about 2 yrs back. still going strong, except for the fingers who have started giving away due to continuous usage.

Knee+Shin guard. Also a recent acquisition. Rs.750/= for the whole set (knee+elbow guards). kept the elbow guards for wife's use. about 3months old.

My Cramster Tank Bag. Rs.1500/=. more than a year old now. the yellow sheet is the bags rain coat (it works even in torrential rains). except for the water seeping from the bottom of the bag (in contact with the tank) the rest of the contents were totally dry. the bag is expandable and can hold up to 7 days worth of clothing + other regular stuff. upper flap has plastic see thru sheet inside to keep maps etc.

The Silver Phantom.