2010.04.04-Trauma Workshop Meet

Anyways here goes a short account. the link for the motoroids photos and writeup by doc arnob. ;)


The day started pretty good and i met up with Eshan of Motoroids near Joshi Wadewala.. made a quick and fast paced trip to lonavala. waited there for a long time for others to catch up, but as it was getting pretty late we made our move. soon enough we reached the designated spot with a bit of off-roading, actually oonly from the gate to the "Padik Bung-a-low" :) .  first reachers were sanket kawli, his cousin, amit changani, eshan, me and a couple of guys more.
 the session started later than expected as many peopl were still to turn in. so after quite a few ciggys and a lots of chit chat, doc arrived and with him came the rest.

soon the "test papers" were handed out, which were greeted the same way any test
and exam are greeted ??? . and after a quick check sanket got down to the basic understanding (while standing) of medical procedures, the first AIDS box, and etc.

 soon it was lunchtime and everyone got kitted up for a long ride to the hotel, which turned out to be a few meters away. it was like you catch speed in the first gear, and then brake again as you reached the hotel ;D .
after filling our tanks with various Thali's of the veg and non veg kind, and large amounts of Non-Alcoholic Liquids, we backed into the cool shade of the meeting spot. we started spotting various versions of the sleeping buddha after some time (see pics for more details  ::) )
 then the practicals started which were far more interesting than the theory. some were also suggesting the  docs to demonstrate how amputations are done on various "important" parts of the ana-tommy :o
soon enough it was time to head back home.

The People who Attended

 the ride was good. while heading back a guy with the TVS Jive had lost a bolt from his head. please dont misinterpret it. the timing chain cover lost a bolt and had opened wide enough to splatter oil right on his lady-freinds foot, and drench his precious re-bhooks with hot engine oil. luckily none of the oil made it to the tires. eshan had gone ahead, and i was behind. he spotted me , and after calling back eshan, we stopped near a village and a good villager opened his micro garage and fixed the bolt. then with apprehensive intentions about the bike we started and reached RK at Lonavala. had chai and then we moved out.. eshan had to race ahead to keep up an appointment. i tagged along with the Jivers till Baner and then parted ways.
 All in all twas a good ride and a good session. the docs were both very enthu and helpful with the demos. :)
small groups ensured full participation and fun. looking for more fun sessions on such serious topics