2010.09.10-Pawana Lake Ride

Had started the planning to get rejuvenated, after a long riding break. was back from a boring Noida work trip, and was super bored. so pinged freinds, and buddies from Motoroids and Bikenomads. date was set for 10th sept 2010. as it was ID we were hoping for clear roads and skies.

It is absolutely baffling how i manage to wake up at 4:30am for a ride at the first alarm, and when i have to wake up for work, it take 1/2hr of continuous alarm shutting off. anyways, got up, took a quick cold shower, went down in complete silence, and coaxed the bike awake with a few kicks. as my bike hadnt felt my touch in a long time, it was like "humph! now you remember me". after a few kickstarts, it got roaring, and i ripped till Dehu Rd.+NH4 Jn'. There Jayaram was already waiting. we went to the nearest open Chai Tapri, and ordered 2pegs.

Soon people started riding in. Pushkar Patil (BN), on his Red Pulsar was next. Then came Nalin Bakshi (BN) on his R1+5, and soon enough Kiran Ghag (BN from Mumbai), on his Pulsar Raptor. We were waiting for Gopi (Razorblades M) when he called up to say he had a flat tire near Kamshet, so we asked him to wait there as the detour to Pawana was from Kamshet. So after paying the Barman for all the pegs of chai we had, we ripped till Kamshet. from there we ganged up and rode thru easily manageable potholed roads till the lake.

The weather was awesome to the max. the soothing winds were more than what we could ask for. after a few sandwich's, and onion bhaji and more chai, we pushed on. Kiran, Gopi, and Pushkar left for mumbai via Lonavala, a route straight ahead from the lake. Nalin had left early as he had office. so me and JK started for Pune with a lot of time in hand. on the way back, we saw a board saying Paud-26kms to the right. after a few moment of decision making, we took of for Paud. the roads were again manageable at 50kmph constant. one reason was that the roads were slightly rough, and another reason was we couldnt keep our eyes on the road for long. the cloud covered mountains and the greenery was breath-taking. on our way to paud, i spotted a temple on a mountain top, and soon came towards a small but decorative Arch saying some kind of Vithhal Temple. few questions to a villager and quick looks towards eachother, and we were on our way towards the temple.

and thank god we took the path. the climb was fun, and ultra-soothing. on the top we parked our steeds, and the security came quietly and took our bike numbers in his register, and went back to his solitude. on entering the temple premises, i thought it was some kind of a huge party lawn. verry well manicured lawns, pristine location, awesome weather, just beautiful. we paid our respects in the temple, where a few villagers had gathered for a Bhajan-Kirtan. their voices were solid as rock. and the sounds reverberated thru the valley. spent some blissful moments there. mounted our steeds, and ripped till chandni chowk from thereon. bid adiue to eachother, and then headed home.

didnt take too many pics as was clicking away on the mobile, and enjoying the ride more than just getting down to click every now and then.

Those who didnt come missed the weather.

all photos at this spot

pawana lake trip