Strong volunteer support is essential to the success of the Coalition and its programs. Volunteers provide help in many areas including childcare, tutoring and recreational activities for the residents of HOPE Community. Volunteers are also involved in major projects, special events, fundraising, educational programs, and helping with other tasks at HOPE, such as preparing and serving meals for the residents.

Steps to become a volunteer:

For Individuals
  1. Apply online and download required paperwork. 
  2. Register for and attend volunteer orientation.  Please bring completed paperwork and a check or money order for $20 to cover the cost of the background check, to orientation.
  3. Paperwork is processed and approved by BBHC staff.
  4. BBHC staff will make contact and schedule a date to begin volunteering.
For Groups
  1. Apply online.  
  2. One representative from the group should, register for and attend volunteer orientation. 
  3. Contact BBHC staff to schedule a date to begin volunteering.

Remember to leave feedback on your experience after you volunteer.
Questions about volunteering?  Email dshultz@bigbendhc.org or call (850) 205-6021.