Student Registration

Registering Your Child for School in Biddeford

We are pleased to welcome you to Biddeford and invite you to participate in your child's school program. In order for your daughter or son to attend school in the Biddeford School Department, you must first register your child and show proof of residence in Biddeford. Parents must provide proof that they reside in Biddeford. Residency must be documented in one of the following ways:
  • copy of your lease (apartment, house, condominium) or a notarized letter from the landlord
  • copy of a Biddeford property tax bill
  • if living with another, a notarized letter from the individual with whom you are living
  • valid/current car registration from the City of Biddeford
Please note: Copies of utility bills are not acceptable as proof of residency. Individuals who cannot provide one of the above-mentioned documents will be referred to the Superintendent of Schools before a student will be registered.

In order to make it more convenient to register your child, we recommend that you download the required forms and prepare them in advance. This will save considerable time and frustration when you go to the school to register your child.

Parents of students who are transferring to Biddeford from another school will be asked to sign a release in order for the school to request your child's records. If your child is receiving student support services (extra help in reading or math, Title I services, English-as-a-Second-Language services, special education services, etc.) in his or her current school, please inform school staff when you register. This will better assist the principal or guidance staff in placing your child in the appropriate setting.

When you have completed the registration forms, take them to the office of the school that your child will attend.