Austin Dutremble Takes First Place in State for InvestWrite Competition

posted May 11, 2017, 9:15 AM by Karen Chasse

While most students focused on homework and extracurricular activities after school, 18-year old Austin Dutremble, a senior at Biddeford Regional Center of Technology, was busy analyzing the global financial markets. His hard work resulted in a long-term return, making him a first place Maine state winner of the SIFMA Foundation’s InvestWrite® competition. The program challenges thousands of students across the country to consider an investing scenario and make recommendations that incorporate short- and long-term investment goals.

“Austin Dutremble’s rigorous analysis and remarkable essay earned him the SIFMA Foundation’s ‘InvestWrite Genius’ title this semester,” said Melanie Mortimer, President of the SIFMA Foundation. “We commend Austin and his teacher, Ken Crepeau, for this achievement. Helping students better understand our economy, our markets, the role of investors, and how to make good investments will pay dividends for the students, their education, and the economy.”

InvestWrite serves as a culminating activity for 600,000 4th-12th graders nationwide who compete each year in the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game™, an online simulation of the global capital markets that reinforces STEM learning, 21st Century skills, economics, investing and personal finance. Since InvestWrite’s inception in 2004, over 200,000 students have submitted essays. Dutremble is among 20,000 students this school year participating in the InvestWrite challenge, which bridges classroom learning in mathematics, social studies, and language arts with the practical research and knowledge required for long-term personal financial planning.

The essay prompt challenged Dutremble to describe the strategy he used to select his Stock Market Game classroom portfolio and also to analyze and suggest stocks based on the “blended” approach favored by investment guru Peter Lynch. The recommendation needed to include a stock, bond or mutual fund that would make a good long-term investment. The essay required Dutremble to describe the technical or fundamental analysis he used to make his recommendation. Dutremble focused on Nike, including in his essay, “Blended approach investing uses fundamental and technical analysis to determine the value of a stock. After using this approach, I discovered investing in Nike is a good idea because the fundamental analysis is very strong."

InvestWrite enables students like Austin Dutremble to develop the personal financial savvy needed to make practical financial decisions with confidence and gain a deeper understanding of economic opportunities, consequences, and benefits. Students consider real-world events and news, conduct research online, and develop investment recommendations. They work in groups during The Stock Market Game™ program and then write their InvestWrite essays individually to reflect their critical thinking, analysis, and creative talents.

Dutremble was the recipient of the Maine Principal’s Association Award and has received the Certificate of Academic Achievement for the past three years. He is a member of the National Honor Society and the National Technical Honor Society. Dutremble has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and is a Biddeford High School Freshman Mentor. His teacher, Ken Crepeau, has been teaching Investing and Personal Finance for 12 years and has previously had both Stock Market Game and InvestWrite winners. Crepeau said, “We find the Stock Market Game not only educational but fun. InvestWrite provides great value to my program, and is an intrinsically motivating activity for my students.”

Winning InvestWrite essays are chosen through rigorous judging by thousands of teachers and industry professionals who evaluate students’ understanding of long-term investing, diversification, the capital markets, and factors that drive investments as well as their expression of investment ideas in essay form.

An independent, double-blind, nationally randomized evaluation conducted by Learning Point Associates (now AIR) found that The Stock Market Game improves students’ academic achievement and personal financial behavior. Students who participated in the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game scored significantly higher on mathematics and financial literacy tests than their peers who did not participate. They also found that teachers who taught The Stock Market Game reported that the program motivated them to better plan for their own financial futures. The Stock Market Game has been named the only program that successfully increased scores on the Jumpstart Coalition’s test of high school students’ financial literacy.

Dutremble and Crepeau were honored at an event held at Biddeford Regional Center of Technology on May 9.

Winning Essay by Austin Dutremble

Investing in the stock market takes much more dedication than one would assume. There are many different aspects to a stock that need to be taken into consideration before investing your money. All investors have an investing technique they live by and it’s important for people to find the one that fits their investing plan. Peter Lynch, an investment guru, lives by a blended approach technique. In a blended approach the investor starts by recognizing prominent companies and then researching them. Two different types of research are fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis keys in on evaluating the financial position of the company. Technical analysis is based on the current stock price and the trends of the stock... Peter Lynch and many other investors use the blended approach before making any decisions in the stock market.

The Stock Market Game is a very effective way for new investors to get experience using the different investing techniques. It gives people a way to figure out the best strategies without using their own money. In the Stock Market Game, I started off by using an invest what you know strategy. The only stocks that would cross my mind were the big, successful companies that I knew about. Apple, Facebook, and Amazon were some of the stocks that I considered buying. Once I learned more about the stock market I knew that to know what would get a bigger return I would have to do more research and use the blended approach. Using this technique, I analyzed the stock Nike on the website Yahoo Finance. Nike is the highest status athletic clothing and equipment brand and they are always producing new items from superstar shoes to running clothes. Many people need the Nike swoosh on their athletic items. Researching Nike using fundamental analysis showed me a lot about the company. It showed me that the company is in a very good position, and has strong financial statements. Nike’s net income has been on the rise over the past two years going from $2,693,000 up to $3,760,000. This shows that the company is headed in the right direction. Another important statistic is that Nike has a good return on equity of 30.57%. A rule that my class looks at is that a stock’s return on equity should be greater than its price to earnings. Nike follows this rule, which shows the stock is a good investment. Next, I researched Nike using technical analysis. This technique showed me that Nike has somewhat of a steady projected growth. Everyone buys Nike clothing and the company will continue to be the leader of a decent industry. Their one-year estimate is $10 higher than its current price which shows that the stock is projected to grow. One concern about Nike is that its price to earnings growth is 1.83, which shows me that it is overvalued. I was very surprised by this statistic, however there are many other positives to this stock. Fundamental and technical analysis under the blended approach taught me how to analyze stocks in a smart way.

Investing takes a lot of time, effort, and research to be a successful investor. There are many different techniques that can used to be successful. Blended approach investing uses fundamental and technical analysis to determine the value of a stock. After using this approach, I discovered investing in Nike is a good idea because the fundamental analysis is very strong. The technical analysis of the company is not as good; however, it is not awful. The stock market game brings a way to use the blended approach, or any other investing technique, and see if the research was evaluated correctly. It is very effective for new investors who want to get an idea of how to evaluate stocks and invest without using their own money. The Stock Market Game brings a whole different element to investing, and allows people to practice all types of different investing techniques without any risk at all. 

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Austin Dutremble, a senior at Biddeford Regional Center of Technology and Biddeford High School, was named the state winner of the SIFMA Foundation’s Fall 2016 InvestWrite® essay competition.  Pictured left to right: BRCOT Instructor Ken Crepeau, ME/NH Coordinator for InvestWrite Jim Ford, BHS Senior Austin Dutremble and his Mother Tracy Dutremble.


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