District Directory

 Click on Link for Driving Directions Name /Email Job Title
 Leadership Offices  
 18 Maplewood Ave. Jeremy Ray Superintendent
 Phone: 207-282-8280    Fax: 207-284-7956
Christopher Indorf Assistant Superintendent

 Karen Chasse Cmty Outreach & Development Director
 Special Education Department  
 18 Maplewood Ave. Kathy Pizzo Director
 Phone: 207-282-8283    Fax: 207-284-7956 Mindy Dyer Assistant Director
APC / Alternative Learning Jim Boisvert Director
 15 York Street, Suite 9-203  
 Phone:  207-602-6238  
 Business/Personnel Office  
 18 Maplewood Ave. Terry Gauvin Business Manager
 Phone: 207-282-8281    Fax: 207-284-7956 Tiffany Jackson     Human Resource Coordinator
 Biddeford High School (Grades 9-12)  
 20 Maplewood Ave. Jeremie Sirois Principal
 Phone: 207-282-1596   Fax: 207-282-8284 Elias Fletcher Assistant Principal
  Dennis Walton Asst. Principal/Athletic Director
 Biddeford Regional Ctr. of  Technology  
 10 Maplewood Ave. Paulette Bonneau Director
 Phone: 207-282-1501    Fax: 207-282-7986Tim Stebbins School-to-Work Mediator

 Biddeford Adult Education  
 64 West Street Paulette Bonneau Director
 Phone: 207-282-3883   Fax: 207-286-9581 Susan DeCesare Community Leader
 J. Richard Martin Community Center  
 189 Alfred Street Nancy Ouellette Student Advisor
 Phone: 207-282-6511 Bo Parker Student Advisor
 Biddeford Middle School (Grades K-8)  
 25 Tiger Drive Kyle Keenan Principal
 Phone: 207-282-6400  Fax: 207-282-6040 Jennifer Vitiello Assistant Principal
 Biddeford Intermediate School (Gr. 4-5)  
 335 Hill Street Debra Kenney Principal
 Phone: 207-282-5957  Fax: 207-282-8289  
 Biddeford Primary School (Grades 1-3)  
 320 Hill Street Margaret Pitts Principal
 Phone: 207-282-8285  Fax: 207-286-9225 Barbara Adriance Assistant Principal
 John F. Kennedy Memorial School (Kindergarten)  
 64 West Street Lindsey Nadeau Early Childhood Coordinator
 Phone: 207-282-4134    Fax: 207-284-7199  
 Facilities Department  
 City Hall Phil Radding Director of Facilities
 205 Main Street Dawn Delano Custodial Supervisor
 Phone: 207-571-1602   Fax: 207-284-7996 Joe Fairfield  Maintenance Supervisor
 Transportation Department  
 371 Hill Street Audrey Lovejoy Supervisor
 Phone: 207-282-0909   Fax: 207-282-0101  
 Technology Department  
 20 Maplewood Ave. Richard Dutremble Information Technology Coordinator
 Phone: 207-391-6886  Fax:  207-282-8284
 Food Services Department  
 320 Hill Street Sandy Lewis Supervisor
 Phone: 207-391-6899  Fax: 207-286-9225