Dual Enrollment and Articulation Agreements

Save thousands of dollars by earning FREE college credits, while attending your high school classes at COT !
College credits may be earned in two ways:
Dual Enrollment--high school students are enrolled at the sponsoring post-secondary institution and BRCOT at the same time, earning credits at both. Upon completion of the course, students receive an academic transcript from the post-secondary school identical to the one received by college students who are physically attending that institution, and likewise, the credits are fully transferable to most other post-secondary schools. Articulation Agreements--are just fancy words to explain an arrangement between the Center of Technology and various colleges and universities, where a successful completion of a class you have taken at BRCOT will count for college credit at that specific college. This means that if you attend a post-secondary institution which BRCOT has an agreement with, you will not have to retake classes that you already have taken...saving you time, energy, and money.

  The Business Academy within the Center of Technology was developed to focus on offering Dual Enrollment options for juniors and seniors while offering Career Oriented Instruction using Instruction based on industry standards.

The following course currently offer a dual enrollment option:
Accounting I & II
Business Management/Entrepreneurship
Investing & Personal Finance
Computer Apps
Web Design
Engineering and Architectural Design
The COT also offers many Articulation Agreements, including within the following programs:
Computer Networking 
Legal Studies
Medical Assisting
Automotive Technology
Residential Carpentry
Engineering, Architecture, & Drafting
Electrical Technology
Precision Tool Technology
Welding & Metal Fabrication
Please see each course's description for further information on dual and articulation agreements and to discover which colleges are offering agreements in each of the programs.

The following video is from Biddeford Public Access's "Biddeford Schools Round Up" show. The members of the Business Academy explain what the academy is, what courses make up the academy, and the benefits of earning college credits while still in high school.

Faculty and student members of the Business Academy at the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology were interviewed recently on the Zaffie show on Biddeford Public Access.  You can view that very informative show below: