Welcome BHS Alumni & Friends

Many things have changed since you left BHS, yet some things remain the same.  The aging building has been renovated, but Tiger Pride has stood the test of time.   Fashion trends have come and gone, but black and orange is still in style. The bell schedule is different, but students continue to walk through the same halls exchanging greetings, comments, and laughs. They imagine their future
and struggle with challenges...just like you did.

One thing that will never change is your past. Isn't it comforting to know there is a place you can go where others share similar experiences and traditions?  A place where loyalty runs deep.  A place where you can always return; regardless of how much time has passed or no matter how far you've traveled.  

BHS is that place and we are glad you are back.

Enjoy your stay!

This 1967 yearbook caption still holds true today:

So much to be seen...
              So much to remember!


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