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Move Records

If your database contains more folders than just the default one, you are able to move one or several records or copy them into a different folder. 'Moving' means that the record is deleted from it's original folder whereas the process of 'copying' maintains the record in it's original location and produces an additional dublicate.

Warning: A copy remains linked to the original record. When editing a copy, the original as well as all other duplicates are automatically changed, too.

To move or copy a record, you mark the respective record in the short list. Unse shift and mouse click, to mark several consecutive related records. With ctrl and mouse clock (Mac OS X) or strg and mouse click (Windows), you can select multiple separate standig records. Now click the radio button and choose copy reference(s)... or move reference(s)... .

A new window will open, showing all available folders. Choose your desired folder, click select and accept the confirmation. The record(s) have now been moved. The change will be reflected by the number of entries in the affected folder (see right column in the folder view). 

Moving data to another Bibliograph database is currently impossible. Please use the export function if you wish to transfer records to another database.

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