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Import Records

To import records, click on Import in the toolbar and choose between Import from text file or Import from Library Catalog."Um Datensätze zu importieren, klicken Sie Importieren in der Werkzeugleiste und wählen sie zwischen den Optionen Aus Datei/Text importieren und Import aus Bibliothekskatalog.

Import from file/text
The field 1. choosefile lets you access files on your hard disc or network. Select the file you wish to import into the database. Now click on 2. select import format and choose the format for your file. The following formats can currently be imported:
  • BibTeX
  • Endnote tagged format
  • Endnote xml format
  • ISI tagged format
  • MODS
  • PubMed xml format
  • RIS tagged format
Now click on 3. file upload.
The uploaded file appears in the data window. If you want to import more data, repeat steps one and two. Choose the files you want to import and finish by clicking Upload file.


Import from the library catalog
(At the moment it is only possible to import from the GBV catalog.)
Search for a record by typing in your search term in the designated field. Start the search with 'enter'.
Mark one or several records which you would like to import into the Bibliograph database. Click import selected files. The records will now be added to your database. If you cannot see them, reload the short list.