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Change Record View

If you possess the required rights to edit records, all entrys of the tabular view in the detail view will be shown as editable description fields.
To edit a records just type your information into the corresponding text fields. The changes are saved automatically, there is no 'save'-button.

Beneath the detail view you see a tool bar which allows you to alter the display of the record's information in the following ways:

Just click the respective command field:

The default view. Enter data such as author, title, etc.

  • Authors: Always enter your information corresponding to the model last name, first name. If you would like to enter several authors, type in the first one (last name, first name), press enter and type in the second author, following the same pattern. (The number of authors is unlimited)
  • citation key: In this field you can enter your own individual label (e.g. WeberKapitalismus1986 oder Weber1999).
  • cal number: Here you can add a signature.
Here you can add a summary, data tagging and comments concerning the record, e.g. the condition of a book.

  • Contents
  • Insert table of contents. This will be available in the search function as well.

  • Record Info
  • Find information on data such as the date of the last change and an overview of the folder in which the record is stored. You can also directly make changes to the assignment of the record.

  • Duplicated
  • Search for and delete duplicate records.
  • The field shows the currently valid citation format.

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