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User Interface

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The user interface consists of three main windows. On the left you see the folder view. In the upper right, the search hits are displayed in a short list. In the lower right is the detail view of the selected record.
Additionally you can see the tool bar on the right site of the top border and the search operator in the upper right-hand corner.

The bibliographic data in Bibliograph is collected in different folders. One folder can include other folders, search folders and records. The folder view shows all folders in one database. If one folder is chosen, all contained records are shown in the short list.

The short list shows the short form of all records in a selected folder/searchfolder or all results for your current search. By clicking on one record, it opens in the detail view, showing all information belonging to this record.

Depending on your user status, you might see more or less operations elements than shown in the picture above.