What is Evil?

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Man's Purpose

Man was created to, individually, be part of a unity with one purpose.  When we look at the World around us, though, we only see division.  Why?  It is because of the Way we are to be individuals and unified.  Because of the Way, Man must have the freewill to choose, within defined bounds, the principles and truths defining the physical reality.

Man's Enemy

Man only has two ways to view our World--relative to self or relative to a higher purpose of which self is a part.  We see both in our World.  When the World is viewed relative to self, we are seeing it through the eyes of a self-serving nature.  The self-serving nature is automatically divisive.  It cannot exist in any eternal unity.  Therefore, relative to Man's purpose, the self-serving nature is Man's enemy and is the cause of all evil.  Jesus called this evil, "the Prince of this World" (John 12:31, 14:30, and 16:11).  He also called the manifestation of that nature in the mind, "Satan" (Matthew 16:23).  Recognizing the works of our enemy helps us to overcome that enemy; but we must also recognize that we gave him a home within ourselves--willingly.

The Works of the Enemy

Individually, Man sees the self-serving nature (hereinafter called Satan) as a part of who they are as an individual.  This presents a big problem because we are aware of who we see as self.  Satan is defensive and will use many ways to hide his presence from all he inhabits.  Therefore, we will see individuals doing many unreasonable acts when viewed 100% intellectually.  We should strive to recognize when we do the same:

  • Denial of obvious facts that prove the undesirable narrative to be true as long as possible
  • Manipulation of the meaning of proven facts, that cannot be denied, to fit a desired narrative
  • Appeals to the preceived Satan in others for the purpose of manipulation
  • Tolerance of the acts of Satan in others as long as they allow your Satan its desires
  • Present a false personality to those who may not approve if they knew your true self
  • Form alliances with the Satan in those who will tolerate your desires and strive legimazation of your acts in Society, if possible
  • Many other similar actions

It is easy to recognize all of the above actions in religion and politics.  Both present a fertile ground for Satan to plant his seeds and grow them to maturity.
Hopefully, an even greater insight into the activities of Satan will be revealed through an understanding of Love and Lifestyles.

To know Truth, it is necessary to by-pass our self-serving nature completely.