What are Lifestyles?

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What we love is what we become--whether agape or self-serving.  We become the lifestyles to which we give birth and mature during our physical existence.  When strong emotion is attached during the birth and growth of a lifestyle, it becomes much more important to us--resulting in a greater need to utilize it.  For any lifestyle to survive it must be fed, and its food is the satisfaction that occurs when a desire is fulfilled.

Lifestyle Basics

A lifestyle is born from living water when we desire to accomplish something for the first time in the physical World.  It can be born in two ways.

  1. We have matured several lifestyles that can be joined (married) to accomplish a task.  If our first try gets us the results we want for that situation, we will consider the new lifestyle mature for use in the future.
  2. We encounter a situation that is new, and we do not have the matured lifestyles to accomplish our purpose.  Therefore, our feminine aspect utilizes our masculine aspect to find a satisfactory solution.  Once a possible path is determined, the masculine aspects tries the possible path; and the feminine aspect determines if the results received met those expected.  If not, the next time the person is confronted with the situation or one similar to it, the masculine aspect will need to find a different path to experience.  This process may have to occur several times before a completely satisfying path is found.

We must realize that early in our life, in the physical reality, our lifestyles are very basic or foundational.  Those foundational lifestyles can produce many higher order lifestyles just like zeroes and ones produce the capabilities of a computer.  Do not discount the comparison between Man in this reality and a computer.  The main difference is that the task determiner, for Man, is the feminine aspect with the masculine aspect being the programmer.  As the task determiner, the feminine aspect always decides when the task is complete.  Naturally, these two needs for a computer are external to what it is.

Understanding the lifestyle growth process should warn us about the necessity of careful selection of the lifestyles we grow to maturity because they become who we are.  If the lifestyles are not eternal when this life is over, they will be returned to the highest lifestyles forming them that are eternal (consider: Luke 19:12-27).

Common Sense

Fortunately, GOD created this World so that when we contribute in positive ways to Society we are growing and maturing eternal lifestyles. Society becoming more capable in utilizing its citizens to accomplish needed purposes will reveal just how strong Society is.

A strong Society begins with strong individuals.  Therefore, Society should create the structure that encourages individuals to develop themselves and contribute in positive ways to the highest purpose they can recognize.  Each individual loving the Society of which they are a part is extremely important.

When the "Prince of this World" controls the leaders in Society, it should be obvious that Society will never accomplish the goal GOD created it to have.  When the leaders provide a structure that encourages many lowly motivated individuals with a way to survive by being much less than they can be, those leaders are most likely co-contributors to individuals who effectively bury their gifts in the ground instead of utilizing them as expected by their Creator.  The damage done to such Souls may be forever.