The Nature of Love

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Agape Love Factors

It is impossible for Satan to express agape Love, which is the only Love that has eternal value.  Man, though, expresses both agape and self-serving depending on the situation.  An example of agape Love is an individual who loves music for the sake of contributing to a higher purpose for which together they are a part.  The musician will improve their ability to contribute to a greater degree toward their relationship with music for the sake of the higher purpose.  They will feel pleasure when others get pleasure from music to which they have contributed.  They will love others according to how they contribute to the glorification of the high purpose, etc.  The most important factor is that they strive to glorify the purpose rather than themselves.

GOD's Love

GOD's Love determines the freedom Man needs to grow spiritually.  Agape Love is pure without any form of fear.  Man's growth in agape Love, therefore, must come through the Spirit within--not external forces.  If GOD revealed HIMSELF directly to Man, it would be similar to someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do something that is contrary to your normal choices.  Who is to say what actions GOD may take that go unseen; but until Man obtains a level of spiritual growth where any action taken by GOD would not change any given choice, GOD must only be viewed through faith.

Agape Love in Man

Agape Love's higher purpose, though, is toward a spiritual purpose--the body of Christ.  Unfortunately, that body is outside Man's senses.  Additionally, the concept of eternal life is very appealing to Satan.  Therefore, Man must be very diligent in understanding the real reason they believe in GOD.

First, Man should make choices through intellectual evaluations, without feelings where Satan hides.  This is difficult for any self-aware entity.

Second Man should practice agape love in all relationships--family, job, community organizations, nation, the World societies, etc.  Each should be evaluated intellectually relative to the highest purpose recognized as possible.  For each relationship type, Man should strive to strengthen their personal capability to contribute to each relationship of which they are a part.  For most, their contribution will primarily be with family, job, and possibly some community organizations.  It is not the size of the relationship that matters the most, though.  It is the focus of purpose each person has within the relationship that matters.


Knowing the World we live in, it is difficult to see the kind of perfection discussed above ever being possible.  GOD is not limited by time, though.  If it took a trillion years or more, it would not matter.  GOD will not settle for anything less than perfection, though.  That perfection is also real.  It is not like a rotten fence that has been painted to look beautiful outside.  It seems that Religion's teachings imply that the latter is true.  In that, they are misguided.  Agape Love will demand the highest perfection seen for the loved purpose.  GOD sees the true perfection for any purpose--including the body of Christ.