The Bible Message

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The purpose of this Bible discussion is to give an overview of my conclusions about the Bible Message--not offer the interpretation process leading to those conclusions provided in References.

What most people will get out of the teachings in most churches about the Bible is substantially different from what I determined to be the true message.  Most churches teach the Bible as a "what to do" and "what to not do" type of book.  That is not its true purpose.  Its true purpose is to reveal to each seeking individual the way we should be and the factors involved in getting there as well as the main factor that prevents that goal from occurring.  The Ten Commandments reveals the difference in view points.  The more obvious view point is that the Ten Commandments are a list of good actions and evil actions.  The less obvious view is that the Ten Commandments describes to us the kind of person we can be.  In other words, when we have obtained our goal, we would follow the Ten Commandments automatically because that would be our nature to do so.  There is no obedience--implying we obey against our will.  Instead, what we do is according to our will.

With this in mind, Genesis 1 thru Genesis 2:3 describes our inner being to us and how we are in the image of GOD--with both male and female aspects.  Genesis 2:4-25 describes the relationship between the male and female aspects of each individual.  Genesis 3 describes how the "evil one" corrupts Man and the results.

Genesis 4 through Genesis 50 appears to be a full range of living allegories to teach each individual a better understanding of spiritual concepts that build on the foundational spiritual concepts revealed in the first 3 chapters.  I recognized Genesis 1 thru Genesis 2:3 to be the Spiritual Key to understanding the Bible.  Some of the writings on this subject will be linked in the References section of this website (bottom of Dictionary page).

After Genesis, I see the Old Testament as mostly a history book (fewer living allegories) to show us how historical figures either won or failed in their life situations.  Whether failed or won, we should understand the reason for both--giving us a better understanding of our personal situation.

In a few books in the Old Testament we read that GOD will write HIS Commandments in the heart of the individual through a New Covenant.  This is realized in the New Testament stories--especially Jesus, who was the living example of who Man is to be.  Like the prophets in the past, Jesus taught primarily using allegory.  He also instituted new allegorical traditions that those entering the New Covenant would follow automatically because the reality of the traditions were in their heart--i.e. communion.

The Relationship between our Male and Female Aspect

If I want to learn tennis, it is best that I study the techniques that make a good tennis player by watching good tennis players, studying books, using a coach, or all.  It is best to do this before I begin my practice for a reason stated later.  Initially, I will intellectually direct my body according to the techniques learned.  Eventually, they become automatic without intellectual direction--a habit.  A habit is merely the Female Aspect expressing through the Male Aspect to control the body.  No longer is there a conscience, intellectual evaluation of the technique unless the expected results do not happen as expected.  When that happens, we may return to practicing the technique until the error is no longer present.  This procedure is used for all learning processes, whether mental or physical.  Once a habit has been properly created, the Female Aspect becomes the Male Aspect's helper (Genesis 2:18) relative to functioning in the physical reality.

Conclusion based on this example and all learning processes

The path followed from the beginning to end must be considered carefully to obtain the best results within our inherent capabilities.  The beginning is extremely important, because a small error in the beginning affects the total process.  Therefore, a small error in the beginning can result in our missing the goal by a greatly increased amount.  Any teacher will, therefore, insure that the student learns the foundational concepts well before building on them for higher concepts.

In the same way, children should obey their parents, diligently.  Most parents would want the most for their children and would work diligently to instill the correct foundational values.

When we build a house, for instance, we build it one block, brick, nail, and so forth at a time.  It is the same when we grow spiritually.  We come into this world having minimum control over our physical being and knowing nothing about the world we are in.  We begin learning how to control our body while watching what is happening around us.  We begin learning to control a finger, thumb, make a fist, and so forth.  We learn to crawl and eventually walk.  We see all normally healthy individuals going through this process; but each will do all differently based on the learning process they experienced until it became a habit.  When we observe anyone, we normally see a group of habits being expressed.  Once learned, a habit is difficult to correct.

Lifestyles are the children of the Soul as well as the building blocks of the Soul

Lifestyles represent our becoming what we have learned to love.  Unfortunately, there is, very likely, an enemy participating in that process.  That enemy is the cause of ALL evil.