Dictionary of Key Words

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Aspects - the distinct constituents of the entity that in unity determine what it is.

Eternity or Eternal - All that had no beginning and no end.  For a created entity to have eternal life, they must take on the full qualities of Life that is eternal.

Evil - Any thing that reduces the ability of a living entity to obtain its highest purpose.

Faith - Knowing a higher truth because of experienced truths that point to the existence of the higher truth.

Female - The feeling nature of Man.  The reservoir of "living water" in Man where lifestyles are born and matured by experiencing life situations in the physical reality through the male aspect.

Hate - Intellectually--without feeling, recognizing the worthlessness of a lifestyle for a high purpose.

Lifestyle - Lifestyles are the children of the Soul and are born and matured in the feminine aspect of the heart of each individual.  For a more detailed definition go to the Lifestyles page using the main Menu.

Living Allegory - An allegory based on the life of a historical person.  That does not mean facts within the story may not been exaggerated to better convey the spiritual concept involved.  There must be conflicting elements of the story that defy common sense to insure the story is recognized as conveying a spiritual concept based on historical events.  On the other hand, Abraham's story probably had little exaggeration because it contained elements of allegory used in previous stories.  It is also possible that people of the time knew that Genesis was a book with the purpose of conveying spiritual concepts and would look for those concepts in the story accordingly.

Living Water - The elemental state of created life.  Unordered life.  A lifestyle is ordered life.  Man's purpose is to order living water through the birth and maturing of lifestyles.

Love (Agape) - valuing a lifestyle relative to a high purpose of which self contributes without reservation.  The Love is for the high Purpose and all factors that make that Purpose perfect.

Male - The intellectual nature of Man.  The aspect of Man that interfaces between the Female aspect and the physical reality.  The Male aspect receives all motivation for any action from the Female aspect.

Man - both the spiritual Masculine and Feminine Aspects of each created individual.  The physical form is merely the vehicle for experiencing the physical reality.

Prince of this World (see Satan) - The combined manifestation of the self-serving nature in Man throughout the World.

Principle - The unchanging Aspect of any entity.  It is the complimentary Aspect to Truth.  It is the expression of Spirit.

Reality - A Reality is an existence that has its own principles and truths defining its nature across three planes--Cause, Expression, and Manifestation.  The primary Realities are Absolute Reality which includes GOD's uncreated Reality, the created spiritual Reality, and the created physical Reality.  Of course GOD encompasses all three of these realities.  Man exists in the Manifestation plane of the spiritual Reality and the top plane of the physical Reality with Man's physical form across the lower two planes.  See the Word Picture of Reality and the foundation of this Word Picture as explained in a Bible Interpretation document which are linked in the list of references at the end of this dictionary.

Satan (see Prince of this World) - The manifestation of the self-serving nature in an individual's Female Aspect.  The manifestation occurs first in the mind; and then, if acted on, in the physical reality.

Spiritual Concepts - Aspects of the Spiritual Reality. 

Spiritual Key - Foundational concepts that support higher spiritual concepts

Truth - The Way an entity appears to change in varying life situations without violating its complimentary Aspect of Principle.

Way - The manifestation of an entity's actions as determined by the Principle and Truth defining who they are. 

Word Picture - A diagram that uses words to convey the purpose or defining factors involved in describing an understanding.

World - The physical reality; but, more exactly, an individual's perception of it.