Reality Observations

A Summary of What to Expect from the Information on this Website

  • How to recognize the reason behind what we see daily in life situations--the cause
  • The foundational factors that support the reason determining life situation outcomes
  • How to better understand why you are the person you see yourself to be
  • How to better understand why others are the person you see them to be
  • The nature of Evil.  What is the cause?
  • The nature of Love.  What is it really?
  • What is a Lifestyle?  How does it develop?  How is it manifested?
  • Definitions of selected words used on this website when they may be misunderstood

Why this Website was Created

Note: There will be Bold and Underlined words in the content of each page of this website.  These words are in my Dictionary definition of that word.  If you read the definition as I see it, it will be easier to understand what I am explaining.

Early Years:

Around age 11 to 12, I became interested in the Bible and read it completely.  Therefore, I had a reasonable understanding of what the Bible said--literally.

Middle Years:

Went into the military, and became an agnostic.  When confronted by a religious person, I knew enough about the Bible that I used it against them.  It was surprising how little most knew.  The reason this happens to many will be revealed on the pages of this website.

Last 30+ Years:

Began believing in the Bible's explanation of our Reality  Learned about allegorical and symbolic types of writing.  Applied that way of interpretation to the Bible where it seemed to contradict itself.  After one to two years, I felt I had a foundational understanding of the Bible's message, its true purpose, and how it applied to Man.  I have spent the remainder of my years, to the present, in using the Bible Message's allegorical interpretation for understanding the reason behind what I see in living situations daily.

My intention with this website is to help others who want to know "Why?" to understand the why behind what they see in their social circle as well as the World stage.  There is really little difference between anyone's social circle and the World stage when it comes to understanding the life situation involved.  Man is the player in all of them, and Man's expressed nature in this Reality is basically the same in all social environments.

There have been times over the past several years that I gained a better understanding of the Bible's teaching because of my observing and experiencing day to day life situations.  There will be links on this website to some older documents I created during my early research into the Bible's Message.  I have not gone back and modified any of the documents, which can be over 30 years old.  Please keep this in mind if you see what you believe to be a contradiction between such a document and what you may read on these pages.  In most cases, I believe you will only see an expansion of the original concept.

Enjoy your journey through the pages of information created for your study.