Support Groups

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What is a Support Group?                                       

The purpose of a support group is to provide an environment in which members can share emotions and experiences and support one another for the mutual benefit of the total group. Some elements of support groups include:


·         Sharing feelings

·         Listening and responding to the needs of fellow group members

·         Accepting the needs of fellow group members

·         Giving and receiving the opportunity to be understood

·         Providing a space where positive and negative views can be expressed without judgment or labels

·         A place to find courage and take risks

·         An opportunity to understand oneself


A successful support group is one in which the individual members feel emotionally supported, provide support to other members, receive information that helps them manage their situation, and develop ways to cope.


Groups vary widely in size and format. The most important aspects of the support group are confidentiality, mutual trust, understanding, involvement of members helping each other and getting the information and support they need.


Here  are some important downloads relating to support groups:


  Support Group Guidebook

  Affiliation Agreement

  Group Leader Information Form 


The following is a list of support groups throughout Louisiana by region.  Feel free to contact them for their next meeting date(s) and calendar of events. These local support groups can provide educational information, social networking, initiatives regarding public policy, legal resources, sharing of common interests and experiences, and much more.

Region 1 – Greater New Orleans Area


Brain Injury Support Groups:

Acquired Brain Injury Survivors (ABIS)

Support Group of Southeast Louisiana

Piccadilly Cafeteria

2609 Jefferson Highway

Jefferson, LA 70121

Phone: 504-849-9069


Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Support Groups: 


Touro Rehabilitation Center  

1401 Foucher Street

New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone: 504-897-8419 (Courtney Russell) for SCI group

Phone: 504-897-8476 (Vera DeLuca) for TBI & Stroke

(SCI Group - typically 2nd Thursday of the month 3:30 - 5)

(TBI Group – typically 1st Tuesday of the month 3:30 PM  M6  Conference Room)


West Jefferson Medical Center Rehab

1101 Medical Center Blvd.

Marrero, LA 70072

Phone: 504-349-1343     

 (search: community for dates)


Capital Area – Region 2


Brain Injury Support Groups:


Baton Rouge Head Injury Association (BRHIA)

Support Group Meeting

Phone: 225-231-3108

(1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM, Greenwell Springs Library)



Spinal Cord Injury Support Groups:


Baton Rouge Spinal Cord Support Group

Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital

8595 United Plaza Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Contact and RSVP to:

Roxanne Bingham 225-231-3123

(3rd Tuesday of the month at 12:00 PM at BR Rehab)



South Central Louisiana – Region 3


None at this time


Acadiana – Region 4


Brain Injury Support Groups: 


Acadian Stroke Support Group

Lafayette General Medical Center, Owen’s Auditorium 1st Floor

1214 Coolidge Street

Lafayette, LA 70503

Phone: 337-289-7740

Contact: Kelly Lanigan, Stroke Coordinator

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month from 3 -4 PM


AMAZE Support Group

A Mental Awareness Zone 4 Everyone (AMAZE)

111 Liberty Avenue

Lafayette, LA 70508

Phone: 919-656-7928 (cell phone)

ATTN: Paul Bosworth

Search: Facebook for Amaze Brain Injury Group

Meets 1st Monday of the month – call to confirm



Spinal Cord Injury Support Groups:


Spinal Cord Injury Support Group

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center

406 Dunreath Street

Lafeyette, LA 70508

Phone: 337-470-2000

(search dates under community health)



Southwest Louisiana – Region 5

None at this time


Central Louisiana – Region 6

None at this time

Northwest Louisiana – Region 7


Brain Injury Support Groups:


Northwest Louisiana Brain Injury Support Group

ThinkFirst Brain Injury Support Group

LifeCare Hospital

9320 Linwood Ave.

Shreveport, LA 71106

Phone: 318-617-8932 (Kathy)

           318-226-0066 (ThinkFirst)

1st Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM


Northeast Louisiana – Region 8

None at this time


Northshore Area – Region 9

None at this time