Mr. Walsh's Page

Mr. Walsh - PE, health, drivers's Ed teacher


Name: Brad Walsh
Phone number: 708-532-1900 Ex.5427

Hello parents and students,
I want to welcome everyone to a great new school year.  In PE we are implementing an entirely new curriculum.  Students had more options to choose classes then in the past so we hope that the students enjoy classes more suited for what they desire!
MAJOR NOTES:  ***For my sophomore students in fitness and safety, swimming begins on Monday, October 2nd.  For those students in Team Sports swimming will begin November 30th. Freshman Lifetime Fitness and Activities will begin swimming on September 14th. Please buy your swimming trunks or bathing suits early!!!  Also, any medical or religious excused notes should be turned in before the 30th of september.  ***  Driver's Ed begins 2nd quarter on October 23rd.  For any student who already has their permit, you will have the option to choose in October to take a different PE class (If there are open roster spaces in other classes only), or you may opt to stay in driver's ed a second time for credit.  Whatever grade you earn is counted in the semester!!!

2nd period - Health - room 104
3rd period - Fitness and Safety - Sophomores
4th period - Team Sports - Sophomores
5th period - Team Sports - Sophomores
6th period - Lunch
7th period - Fitness and Safety - Sophomores
8th period - Lifetime Fitness and Activities - Freshman