Summer Reading

Beverly High School Summer Reading 2015 is due the first day of school, September 1.
  • Every student is required to pick one book from the list and do a reading response activity to show that you read it.

  • At the beginning of the school year we will have an advisory where you will turn in your project.

  • Your assignment will not be graded if it does not show evidence that you read the book.

  • The grade you earn on summer reading will be your first English quiz grade for the semester.

You may read as many of the books as you like, but you only need to respond to and discuss one. Please choose a book you have not read before. If your book is part of a series, feel free to read more in the series. Be aware that these books were chosen to appeal to a broad range of students of different ages, interests and reading abilities. If for any reason you are not comfortable reading the book you have chosen put it down and choose another one. Books are available locally from the Beverly Public Library, Annie's Book Stop and The Bookshop of Beverly Farms.

If you have any questions, email bfecteau [at} beverlyschools [dot] org - substitute the @ for at and the . for dot!