Our program aims at developing informed and responsible citizens. It helps build character by providing skills in citizenship and leadership. Cadets learn about ethics, leadership, follower-ship, fitness, group goal setting, problem solving and self-discipline. Cadets learn to respect themselves, peers, superiors, and subordinates. The courses are offered as single block classes, for two semesters per academic year. This is a year long course of instruction and there are four years worth of curriculum available. 

There is NO military obligation involved with taking this course. All uniforms, equipment and textbooks are supplied.

1. Each student must wear a MCJROTC uniform once a week and look presentable.
2. Each student must participate in physical fitness and take a physical fitness test during each semester (which consists of sit-ups, pull-ups or push-ups and a 1 mile run).

Six major goals of MCJROTC:
1. To develop informed and responsible citizens.
2. To build character of each individual student. Cadets learn about ethics, leadership, follower-ship, desirable traits and self-discipline.
3. To teach cadets about the elements and requirements of national security.
4. To develop discipline. A good leader is one who has self-control and will remain calm in difficult situations. Self-discipline is a starting point to success.
5. To develop a respect for authority in any organization and in life. The cadets learn to respect peers, superiors, subordinates, parents, and faculty.
6. To enlighten cadets about possible career and educational choices available after graduation from high school.

Drill Team

Drill Team - A team of cadets that works together to complete a drill card. Essentially a set of commands. The commander calls commands and the cadets follow them. The teams earn points based on how well they perform.

Teams perform various routines both armed and unarmed. This includes rifles and sabers. Drill is about teamwork and unity of a group as well as building confidence leadership.

Our team at Beverly High School has been very successful in the past and continues to grow with our program. We have taken home 1st place awards many times recently in many various groups.

Marksmanship Team

Marksmanship Team - Marksmanship is an integral part of the MCJROTC curriculum. With an emphasis on safety, the Marksmanship curriculum allows cadets to develop pride and a sense of accomplishment as they become more proficient with their marksmanship skills.

Cadets will qualify and compete using the Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting standards.

Precision Air Rifle is modeled after Olympic-style shooting and allows the use of specialized target rifles and equipment. Competitors fire at targets at a distance of 10 meters in three different positions, prone, standing and kneeling. 

Three-Position Air Rifle provides young competitors with competitive shooting sports opportunities that can be offered on a wide variety of easily accessible or easily constructed ranges, with equipment that is commonly available at affordable costs.


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Cyber Security Team 


Cyber Security Team - The AFA's CyberPatriot program is a competition focused on cybersecurity. The goal of the program is the educate cadets in the it security field. 

The slogan "Securing Networks - Securing Futures" really does stand out to me as a prime reason to join this aspect of our program.

Most people don't understand how un-secure their computers and other electronic devices truly are. If someone breaks into your computer they could have access to all of your personal information, this including bank account numbers, your social security number, and many other passwords for critical daily tasks.

Our team, within Beverly's MCJROTC program, has been very successful in the past few years reaching the national semi-finals for 3 straight years in a row now as well as placing 2nd in the state last year and 3rd in the state the year prior.

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