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Why aren't you learning - Dozens of free courses (some offered by the best colleges in the country) on any topic you're interested in.

These examples, put together by Spanish Teacher Daryl Boeckers and hi students, showcase the true potential of three free tools working together in connection with a engaging learning objective. This example uses:
  • Posterous - A rich blogging platform that can be updated easily by email and text messages. Daryl uses it to outline the learning objectives and showcase documents and projects associated with the learning in his classroom.
  • Scribd - A great way to share and embed documents so that anyone can view them live online without the need for special software. Posterous automatically converts PDF attachments to Scribd files.
  • Myna - A free and powerful audio recording software used to record and edit the Visita Madrid project by Daryl's students. The objective was to create a radio announcement that would be used on the radio to lure tourists to Madrid. The background music is one of the many options provided by Myna. It's part of the larger Aviary suite of tools.

This video shows the powerful way Skype can be used to connect people with experts.

Kyle Mooney Skypes with BHS

Students in my Journalism and Publications Writing classes used Skype to connect with their favorite actor, Kyle Mooney. The time spent with Kyle was mentioned again and again as the students' favorite experience of the semester.

SoundCloud and Myna work together so a FACS Teacher can get a message out

Tracks created in Myna (or any audio file) can be uploaded and shared with Sound Cloud, the easiest way to quickly get an audio message or musical project to a wide audience. Files can be either public or private. Users can also select the option to email tracks to individual people.

Prezi as a way to present learning

Students in Julie Mundahl's Child Development classes use Prezi to create presentations that highlight their learning. This presentation is not from a student in her class, but it is a great example of what a Child Development Prezi can look like.

Highlighting your work on a website

Making a website is faster and easier than ever. Using Webs.com, Mrs. Mundahl's class was able to highlight their Gourmet Cake creations to a wide audience. The students handled most of the work in creating the site.

Use Wordle to find meaning

Most of the descriptions of the tools on this site were created or started by the second and third-year teachers of ISD 877 during summer workshops from 2009-2011. The Wordle below represents the most words they used most frequently in the creation of this site. The link below takes you to a full version of the Wordle.

Wordle: Web 2.0