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Student Systems

Description of the Service
Our student information system (SIS) is hosted in-house on a standalone server and a SQL server which is used primarily for data transfer.  There are nightly back-ups that are pushed out to an off-site data center, which in the case of an emergency could host the server.  This service is used by teachers, administrators, clerical staff, students, and parents on a daily basis.  End users access the data through a web interface.  Internally end users can access the information on our fiber network.  Externally this service is reliant on and only as fast as our internet bandwidth allows.  This is a consideration in hosting the service in-house. It is the central data silo for all student information.  The data hosted by this service is extracted nightly for use by several other systems (Blackboard Connect, nCompass, Food Service, Versatrans, etc...). 

Definition and Priority of Service
This service is a Primary Service.  District financials and all student records are based off information contained within this system and the system would have to be replaced with another SIS system for the district to remain operational.

Stakeholder Information

Service Level Manager: TIS Infrastructure and Information Coordinators
Stakeholder Representatives: Elementary and Secondary Principal Representatives and Teacher Representative

Service Times (Days and Times)
6:30 am - 4:30 pm during student days and over scheduled times, including weekends, such as: grading periods, registration, food service information, and transportation information, etc... will be defined as peak time. During peak time if maintenance needs to be done it will be planned for 11:00 am -1:00 pm if possible as requested by building stakeholders.

On all other District Work Days 7:00 am - 3:00 pm will be defined as peak time.

All time other than peak will be defined as non-peak for the purpose of setting service targets.

Types of Support
Internal Support and Service Contract with Provider

Quality of Assurance

Measurement Procedures: The SIS Server and SQL Server will be placed on Nagios for monitoring and measurement.
Service Targets: During peak times the service target is 99% up-time with less than .5% down-time for planned maintenance.  During non-peak time the service target is 98% up-time with less than 1% down-time for planned maintenance.

Relationship to Other IT Services/Providers
Calling System (Blackboard Connect)
GIS Data Tool (nCompass)
Food Service (PCS)
Transportation (Versatrans)
Library System (Destiny)
Student Information System (Infinite Campus)