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Description of the Service
Payroll and finance system is a TIES based system located at TIES.  Access for these programs are based on Internet access.  These systems are backed up, serviced and supported by TIES.

Definition and Priority of Service
This is a primary service.  It is a necessary item to carry out The district normal business.

Stakeholder Information

Service Level Manager: Technology Infrastructure Coordinator
Stakeholder Representatives: Director of Human Resources, Secretarial Representative

Service Times (Days and Times)
Service times are out of our hands This is a externally hosted service no tin our control.  Notification of maintenance and downs is taken care of by the provider to limited people.  Those people will forward any critical notices to the affected staff.

Types of Support
TIES Support

Quality of Assurance

Measurement Procedures: Staff reporting there is and access issue.
Service Targets: Service target are according to provider.

Relationship to Other IT Services/Providers
Internet connection