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Description of the Service
Groupwise Messenger is a internal instant messaging system that is provided for staff to enhance communications. Most of the users at the time of writing this SLA consist of administrators, and clerical personnel.  It runs on a virtual server hosted on the virtual hosts.  No backup is done as it does not hold any critical information.  This service is not available from outside the district unless you are connected using a VPN connection.

Definition and Priority of Service
Messenger is classified as a secondary service.  It has no dependencies and it is one of several internal communication tools available.  If necessary end users can use email, the phone system, or other web services to accomplish necessary communication.  The system does help the district accomplish the goals of being effective and efficient, but loss of this system for a period of time does not significantly and negatively impact the operations of the district making it a low priority in the event of multiple technology failures.

Stakeholder Information

Service Level Manager: Infrastructure Coordinator
Stakeholder Representatives: Principal and Director

Service Times (Days and Times)
Monday- Friday from 6:45-4:30 on District Work Days is considered peak hours.  All hours outside peak hours will be considered non-peak hours.  All planned maintenance and emergency maintenance will be communicated district wide during peak hours when the outage is expected to be more than 4 hours.

Types of Support
Internal Support Only

Quality of Assurance

Measurement Procedures: Messenger is not monitored by TIS.  TIS is reliant on end users reports through Request Tracker to know when this service is down.  When worked on or resolved RT will be updated to measure the time of notification and repair attempts.
Service Targets: During peak times the technology staff will begin resolving outages within 4 hours of notification by end users that the system is down and during Off peak hours emergencies will not be responded to.  If TIS staff cannot resolve the outage within 4 hours the outage will be communicated to end users on the "Staff Web".

Relationship to Other IT Services/Providers
This service has no relationships and no dependencies.  It is a stand alone service.