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Description of the Service
Electrical power is provided to each building by the power company in the local area.  Power is distributed through out the buildings by the electrical system.  In some locations building power also can be provided by generator for critical services.  UPS's ( Uninterrupted Power Sources) are used to provide power to limited systems for a short time frame to assure stability of those systems. when building power is down. Electrical system in the buildings are independent of each other and can fail without effecting another building. Depending on the building if power is lost it will effect all TIS systems depending on how long it is down and location.  Because of this this is a critical service

Definition and Priority of Service
As a critical service this service will effect all other services. The wide-scale impact of this service makes it the highest priority item.

Stakeholder Information
Service Level Manager: Buildings and Grounds Department
Stakeholder Representatives: Technology Infrastructure Coordinator and Director of Food Service

Service Times (Days and Times)
Peak times from 5:30 am - 10:00 pm on district work days will be defined as peak hours and it is critical that downtime is limited to only unplanned outages.  All planned service will take place outside of peak time, will be limited to the extent possible, and will be communicated district wide.  Service targets will be set for peak hours and for off peak hours

Types of Support
Internal Support, Power Company and Contractors

Quality of Assurance

Measurement Procedures: (Will comfirm with builds and grounds)
Service TargetsPeak Times 99.99% up-time with 0% maintenance downtime and Off Peak Time 99% up-time with less than 1% downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Relationship to Other IT Services/Providers
Affects all IT services