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Description of the Service
Moodle (Courseweb) is an open-source course management and eLearning service that is hosted on BHM virtual Linux servers. Moodle allows teachers and other district personnel to create and manage public or private courses that students and other learners can join. Users authenticate using district Directory Services. Moodle services include forums, wikis, activities, quizzes, and many third-party plug-ins. The Courseweb server is backed up by Commvault daily.

Moodle is a major bridge between school learning and home learning and is accessible via any Internet connection.

Definition and Priority of Service
Moodle (Courseweb) is a minor or secondary system.  The loss of this service is not a high priority, but will be responded to by the internal IT staff as resources allow in accordance to the service targets.

Stakeholder Information

Service Level Manager: Technology Infrastructure Coordinator

Stakeholder Representatives: Secondary Teacher Representatives

Service Times (Days and Times)
Although the Courseweb service is used 24-hours a day, peak hours for Moodle are from 7:00am to 3:30pm on all teacher work days. Some upgrades and maintenance that do not affect up-time is completed during peak hours. All planned maintenance and emergency maintenance will be communicated to teaching staff if an outage is expected to be more than 10 minutes.

Types of Support
Support, upgrades, and trouble shooting are done by Internal support only. District support is not responsible for support of third-party Moodle plug-ins.

Quality of Assurance

Measurement Procedures: Nagios will monitor and notify internal IT staff of uptime and outages.

Service Targets: 99.8% up-time during peak hours with 0% maintenance downtime. During off-peak hours throughout the school year, up-time will be at least 99.5% with less than .5% downtime for maintenance. Emergencies will be responded to as staff is available.

Relationship to Other IT Services/Providers