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Core Router

Description of the Service
The core router is a Cisco 4507 which is a piece of hardware that provides network connectivity throughout the entire district.  Without this hardware functioning properly there is a total loss of network connectivity across the district.  This impacts all services that rely on the district's fiber infrastructure and communication between buildings and the district hub.  Internal networks at all sites will remain functional with the exception of Discovery Elementary, but will have no access outside the building.  As examples there will be loss of phones, HVAC, internet, file servers, application servers, TIES, etc...

Definition and Priority of Service
As a critical service this service will effect almost all other services because of location in network structure. The wide-scale impact of this service makes it a high priority item.

Stakeholder Information

Service Level Manager: Technology Infrastructure Coordinator
Stakeholder Representatives: Board Member and Principal Designee

Service Times (Days and Times)
Monday through Friday from 6:45 am - 4:30 pm on district work days will be defined as peak hours and it is critical that downtime is limited to only unplanned outages.  All planned service will take place outside of peak time, will be limited to the extent possible, and will be communicated district wide.  Service targets will be set for peak hours and for off peak hours.

Types of Support
This device is supported by 3 tiers of support: 1. Internal Technology and Information Services Staff, 2. Outside Consulting Groups, and 3. Cisco SMARTnet Contract.  The severity of the issue and impact to the service is what determines the support level that is applied.

Quality of Assurance

Measurement Procedures: Nagios (monitoring and notification system) tracks the core router 24/7/365.  The system provides notifications, but has one limitation, once the core router goes off-line Nagios can not send notifications externally.  We are able to track exact down times and up-times of the system down to the minute with system and can use it to set and measure service targets.
Service Targets: Peak Times 99.99% up-time with 0% maintenance downtime and Off Peak Time 99% up-time with less than 1% downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Relationship to Other IT Services/Providers
Cisco SMARTnet Contract: provides phone and remote support and parts that are shipped within 4 hours of diagnoses 24/7/365.
Outside Consulting Groups: provide two tiers of support, planned service and emergency service, on retainer.  They work remotely and on-site as necessary to diagnose and maintain the core router as coordinated by internal staff.

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