6th Grade Online Book

Online Math Book
This year in math we will use the Impact Mathematics curriculum.  This curriculum was adopted in 2010 when the new MN Math Standards went into effect.  Students will be given a hardcover textbook to borrow for the year, however, the Impact Mathematics textbook can be accessed online as well!  Please use the following link and code to access the book:

Access Code:  D7ACC427C0

The Glencoe/McGraw-Hill website also has some awesome online tools and resources to aid students in understanding the 6th grade math topics.  Directions as to how access the online tools are below.


Step 1:  Go to www.glencoe.com
Step 2:  Choose "Minnesota"
                Click on "Student/Parent"
                Choose "Math"
                Click "Enter"
Step 3:  Choose "Impact Mathematics"
                Click on "Course 1 2009"
Step 4:  Choose "Student/Parent Center"
                Click "Enter"
Step 5:  Choose any of the links for additional 
                math help.