Welcome to Room 304

Welcome First Graders! A new adventure begins!!

Good Bye and Good Luck in 3rd Grade!! You are a fantastic bunch of kids. 

We paid homage to Greta and Hat Day!! 
Good luck at your new school Greta.

Here are some fun photos of the kids building 
gingerbread houses. December 21, 2017

There is finally some SNOW!!! 
December 6, 2017

October 31 Halloween Party and Pumpkin Carving

October 6  Bridge drawings.
We did a directed drawing of the Golden Gate bridge this week. This is an art connection to our engineering project. The children did a wonderful job. Here are some photos of the bridges up on the wall at school. 

September 29
What fun we had this week with our engineering unit. We built bridges with an initial objective of making a bridge that a toy car could drive across. The second objective was to see how much weight the bridge could hold. We had two bridges that passed the car test and tied for at least 6 pounds of weights. Here are our winning bridges. Many of the others past one test or the other just not both tests. :) The kids were great sports. They encouraged and cheered each other on. It was fantastic!!

What a fun start to the school year!  We explored the playground and refreshed our minds with how to play safely.  We finished up our week creating fabulous construction paper 3-D playgrounds.