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Sr. Strategies Course Overview

Like whipped cream and a cherry . . .                               


Senior Strategies

Helping you live independently in the real world


Course Outline                               

  •    Survive roommates. 
  •   Strengthen communications and relationships.
  •   Cook for one or two, eat healthy, and manage time.
  •   Furnish your first apartment or dorm room.
  •   Equip your first kitchen.
  •    Dress for success.
  •   Budget expenses, shop wisely, and use a credit card responsibly.
  •   Set realistic goals.  
  •   Reduce stress
Classroom Expectations

        Grading     A = 90-100%                 C = 70-79%

                            B = 80-89%                   D = 60-69%


                                 Assignments              25%

                                 Projects                      30%

                           Tests and Quizzes     25%

                           Participation                20%   

Class work is very important to your success.

§   Turn in assignments on time.

§   If work is turned in late, 25% of the points earned will be deducted.

§   No points are earned if work is not completed within 1 week of the due date.

        THIS IS FIRM!!


Participation points are earned daily.

§   Be on time.                     

§   Use cell phone only as requested by teacher.   

§   Be here and actively participate.

§   Be respectful and demonstrate behavior appropriate to a young adult.

          Respectful behavior is a must!


Miss a day?  Need help?

1.    Be here!!  Not all class work can be made up because the class incorporates discussion and teacher instruction that cannot be reconstructed.  When you return from an absence: Look in the “While You Were Gone…” bucket for some brief notes about the day you missed.  A fellow classmate will have filled out an “I’ve been out” form for you.

2.    Turn in make-up work within 1 week.   Attach the “I have been out” form to your work.

3.    Get notes and instructions from classmate.

4.    If you miss a DVD, test, or quiz, make an appointment with Mrs. Mundahl to complete it before school, during AAA, or after school.

5.    Participation points are regained by completing the missed work or a make-up assignment within 1 week.

6.    Each time you complete an “I’ve been out” sheet for a classmate, you earn extra credit points!


Supplies you need every day!                                   

1.   A separate pocket folder for this class.               

2.   Note paper.                                                          

3.   Pen or pencil.                                                       

4.   Planning calendar.

5.   Additional supplies will be needed as projects are presented.

You need to be Paying Attention in order to learn!                       

  • Silence your phone.
  • Wait to view cell texts and calls. 
  • Unplug and turn off electronics.
  • Drink plain water.  Your brain needs water!!  Bring water for drinking!! 
  • Only healthy snacks for yourself.
  • Listen and learn.


Academic Integrity

You can be very successful.  Be honest, trustworthy, fair, responsible and respectful.  Scholastic dishonesty is defined as cheating; plagiarizing (stealing the ideas or writings of another and passing them off as your own); altering, fabricating, forging, or falsifying records; or dishonestly obtaining homework, tests, or grades.  You’re better than that!!  Any cheating or plagiarizing results in no points earned.

Extra Credit     

Opportunities will be available periodically.  Also, think about proposing ideas of your own!

When you need my help for anything, talk to me!

--- See me during class, AAA, before school, after school.

--- Call me.

--- Email me.


You are important and I’m glad you’re here.


Welcome to Senior Strategies!


Mrs. Mundahl