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Dorm Room? Apartment?

Managing Your College Life: Your Money — Your Housing — Your Time

Going to college or moving into an apartment offers many new experiences. For many students, this is the first time they have ever had control of their own money, housing, and time.

Managing Your College Life: Your Money — Your Housing — Your Time is an online presentation that helps students better manage and survive their first years of college.

Through this presentation, you will become and stay a responsible renter by learning how to

  • Communicate effectively with roommates and property managers.
  • Manage money resources wisely to pay rent on time every month.
  • Choose adequate, safe, and affordable housing.
  • Move through the rental process – screening, lease agreements, security deposits, and moving out.
  • Maintain a home.

Get Started

Click on the presentation link below to get started. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


The materials in this online presentation are adapted from RentWise, a tenant education certificate program. For additional information on renting, you may also be interested in purchasing the complete RentWise: Renter's Workbook and Organizer which covers the topics addressed in this tutorial and more.

For more information, contact Lori Hendrickson (lhend@umn.edu; 888-241-0885).

How to Live within the Rules of Dorm Life

How to get along in a dorm with all the rules.


How to Furnish Your First College Dorm or Apartment on a Budget

As any college student can report, money can be tight. You'll need to be creative and smart to furnish your apartment or dorm as inexpensively as possible. Here are some tips to picking up some essential living items.


Room Planner 
Bob's Discount Furniture

Use my room planner to lay out every room in your house! My custom Room Planner lets you put in all the features of your room including fireplaces, windows and doorways. You can even set the dimensions of your room! Arrange the furniture how you like! At My Bob's Discount Furniture, you can have it your way.


Equipping Your First Kitchen

See the file below for a great explanation of large and small appliances, bakeware, cookware, and others items you may want for your first kitchen.

Presentation Handouts

Communication, Compromise, and Consideration: The 3 Cs of Getting Along with Roommates (133 K PDF) — This fact sheet reviews areas that cause conflict with roommates and offers tips for avoiding and/or working through those conflicts.

Spending Plan: Short Form (222 K PDF) — A worksheet to help you plan your monthly spending.

Determine Your Housing Needs — This checklist will help you evaluate features of an apartment, building, or neighborhood that are important to you. Part of the RentWise: Renter's Workbook and OrganizerEnglish(89 K PDF) | Spanish (1.1 MB PDF).

Rental Survey — Use this form to compare different rental units. Part of the RentWise: Renter's Workbook and OrganizerEnglish (118 K PDF) | Spanish (1.11 MB PDF).

Sample Rental Application — Practice completing this application before you go apartment (or unit) hunting. Part of the RentWise: Renter's Workbook and OrganizerEnglish (753 K PDF) | Spanish (713 K PDF).

Rental Condition Checklist — Use this form to record the condition of a rental unit before moving in. Part of the RentWise: Renter's Workbook and OrganizerEnglish (265 K PDF) | Spanish (1.4 MB PDF).

Home Maintenance Checklist (70 K PDF) — This fact sheet gives quick tips on cleaning supplies, what to clean when, and how to deal with roaches.

Resource Guide (87 K PDF) — Quick reference to resources that strive to support and assist renters.

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Dec 10, 2014, 8:26 AM