Julie Mundahl, CPFFE
Family and Consumer Sciences Educator                                                      
Buffalo High School        
877 Bison Boulevard, Buffalo, MN  55313       
(763) 682-8056   jmundahl@bhmschools.org

Certified Personal and Family Finance Educator
Certified ServSafe Food Safety Instructor and Exam Proctor

Food & Consumer Sciences Professionals Member
American and MN Assoc. of Family & Consumer Sciences Committees Member
2013 MN Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher of the Year


Get the FACS!...Family and Consumer Sciences

*      Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) is the comprehensive body of skills, research, and

        knowledge that helps people make informed decisions about their well being, relationships,

        and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.

*      The field represents many areas, including human development, personal and family finance,

        housing and interior design, food science, nutrition, and wellness, textiles and apparel, and

        consumer issues.  

*      Today’s FACS professionals practice in multiple settings. They are early childhood,

        elementary secondary, university/college, and Extension educators, administrators and

        managers, human service professionals, researchers, community volunteers, business

        people, and consultants who address the issues most important to our quality of life.

*      Family and Consumer Sciences courses develop important life skills:  Skills for family and

        career leadership and relationship building; for living on your own; and for building

        strong, happy families.



Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

at Buffalo High School

 4001 CIS Child Growth and Development

Diyou know that you can understand yourself better by learning about childevelopment 

Parents and caregivers need knowledge of chilgrowth and development to nurture children

ttheir greatest potential.  Learn about the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and

moral development of children ages birth to three years old. This course includes study of conception, prenatal developmentpregnancy, birtdefects and childbirth.   Experiencthe responsibility of parenting when you take home a computerized infant simulatorUpon successful completion of the course, students earn 3 college credits from Hennepin Technical College.

Grades 10-12        Terms:  1

4014 CIS Introduction to Early Childhood

Thinking about a career working with children? You’ll be able to observe firsthand and compare different types of early childhood programs. Learn about the role and responsibilities of those who serve children and families in professional settings. What techniques work well for communicating with families and involving parents? What teaching practices support diversity? Explore the early childhood profession and search career opportunities where you can impact children and families. This course is designed by Hennepin Technical College faculty and taught by BHS teachers.  Upon successful completion of the course, students earn 3 college credits from Hennepin Technical College.

Grades 10-12        Terms:  1

4013 Senior Strategies

Transitioning to being on your owat college or on the job can be stressful. Senior Strategies will prepare 12th graders for “the real world.  Topics include cooking simple healthy meals, finding a place to live, budgetinggetting along with a roommate, designing your living space in a dorm or apartment, organization and career success, time and stress management strategies, and taking care of your clothes.  Projects and cooking labs include cooking for one or two, cooking on a budget, and entertaining.  This course will help you start out on the right path to independence.  You will face college life and beyond with confidence!

Grade: 12   Terms: 1

3008 Personal Financial Management

Dyou have the skills and resources tlive on your own?  This course will explore the financial facts of life.   Learn how to develop a personal spending plan, find a place to live, buy a carfile a tax return, grow your  money through compounding interest, obtain and use credit wisely, purchase a home, and consider what you want your life to look like througthe award- winning My Life at 25” project.  

The project includes discussion of insurance, banking services, payroll deductions, careers, how personal values impact financial decisions, and how money issues affect relationships and families.

College credit is available through StCloud Technical College when you earn a B or higher.

Grades:   10-12       Terms:  1

 4002 Sew Creative

Did you know that when you sew you are actually developing engineering thinking skills?  Use basic sewing skills to create current clothing fashions, bags, and accessories. Personalize your project using the computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine and Embellisher. Use a Serger to professionally finish seams and edges.  Students should be creative, patient and have an eye for detailProject materials are provided by the student.

Grades 9-12         Terms:  1

 4004 Creative Foods (Level 1)

If you enjoy working witfood, this class is for you. Througmenu planning, cooking and sampling some international favorites, students acquire basic food, nutrition and preparation skills. Some recipes include cinnamon rolls, pasta, stir fry and omelets.

Grades: 9-12               Terms: 1


 4005 Gourmet Foods (Level 2)

This course is designed for students interested in learning more complex food preparation techniques. Continue developing your cooking skills while preparing a variety of regional favorites. Learn about meats, poultry, cake decorating and pies. Class includes a study of healthy eating.

Prerequisite Creative Foods recommended

Grades: 10-12             Terms: 1

 4011/4012 Hospitality Foods (Level 3)

Do you have a passion for food?  Learn the art and science of cooking and baking while you experience some of the equipment used in commercial kitchens. You will prepare sandwiches, appetizers, specialty breads, pastries, fondant-decorated cakes, and specialty desserts. Through a food project competition will identify food trends and create an original recipe.

When you complete this course, you will have completed the hospitality industry approved ServSafe food safety and sanitation program students earn the ServSafe Food Safety Manager certification that is recognized by employers in the hospitality industry. Students also earn 1 college credit from St/ Cloud Technical and Community College.

Prerequisite:  Creative Foods or Gourmet Foods

Grades: 11-12          Terms:   (must register for botterms)

Student Apply Art Focus in FACS classes in Arts Magnet program

Business and Community Members Partner on FACS Advisory Committee

FACS Advisory Committee members are: Amanda Hastings, FACS teacher at BCMS; Ann Dirks, Park View Care Center; Mark Kaminski, Klein Bank; Jason Nelson, Lake Ridge Care Center; Julie Starke, Cub Foods; Judy Titcomb, former FACS teacher at BHS; Devonna Tierney, ECFE; (not pictured) Terry Peterson, Kids Haven; Mary Jane Miller, Consultant; Susie Karels-Brown, BHS Food Service; Ted Zrust, BankWest; Christine Austin-Roehler, Wright County Public Health; Julie Mundahl, FACS teacher at BHS.


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