Welcome to the BHBL Student Government Organization.  We are here to serve you so don't hesitate to call upon us if you have any questions, concerns, or just need some help.

Announcements & Upcoming Events 

2/1 Monthly Meeting Red Room AAP

2/14-2/16 Jailbreak Tournament Gym AAP

2/28-3/2 Dodgeball Tournament Gym AAP

3/23 Monthly Meeting Red Room AAP

4/3-4/7 Spring Spirit Week

4/7 Spartan Gauntlet 7pm Gym

4/27 Monthly Meeting Red Room AAP

5/19 SGO Elections

5/25 Monthly Meeting Red Room AAP

5/26 Memorial Day Ceremony

Executive Board

President: Zack Ashcraft               
Vice President: Amalia Daveiro    
Treasurer: Steven Hogan          
Secretary: Hailey Aldrich
Delegate: Samuel Kruppenbacher 
Delegate: Cassidy Burgner
Delegate: Andrew Pohl
Delegate: Madison Maggs
Advisor: Jennifer Summersell (jsummersell@bhbl.org)   
Advisor: Todd Bucci (tbucci@bhbl.org)     
Student Emails: (first initial last name @bhbl.org)
Club email: hssgo@bhbl.org