The Nature of Transmedia Narratives

When I walked through this threshold my attitude changed to objectivity. I am on the inside and looking out. This may seem somewhat superficial in characteristic by first review, but in fact the advantage proves this to be a new perspective in the fundamental importance of being on the inside peering out, and seeing those physical changes which are now perceived as an accomplishment as redesigned.

As such, veracity is a necessity, as consciousness is also as well applied as discovery, learning and adaptation. This is the next call for learning what a transmedia narrative is indeed. As a passionate advocate of the current and future flow of business arts, I captured and created a running narrative throughout this web site and its links, to create a flow of visual dialogs across an even broader spectrum of media environments.

NEW IN 2019: The arcs and lines of the past catch up to the present, as reflected below in recognition of the 100 year anniversary of Bauhaus.