Welcome to the P.A.C.E. program home page.  The program serves cognitively gifted students who are identified using state guidelines.  Students attend the program one day a week, with sixth graders on Tuesday, fifth graders on Wednesday, fourth graders on Thursday, and third graders on Friday.

COMMUNICATION 2016 - 2017 School Year 

The goal of the theme COMMUNICATION is to help students understand the concept of how various types of communication affect their daily lives socially and academically and how it can be used to identify many variables across the curriculum. The multi-disciplinary approach also helps students to recognize the connections between subject areas in the curriculum. Students will study the concept of communication in nature, math equations, social studies events, science experiments and activities, art theory, and language arts and how braille and sign language are used to communicate.

               FACES IN P.A.C.E.

BGCS Parks and Rec. Chris Gajewicz explains predator relationships among different animals by examining skulls of common animals with 3rd graders. 

6th graders examine soil samples at Wintergarden Park to determine suspension of particles in water samples taken from the wetlands. 

Ohio Assn. of Gifted Children Teacher of the Year Mrs. Laura Weaver and PACE student Ethan Brown.        
WTOL-TV's Robert Shiels with 5th grade PACERS
Language Arts writing enrichment project with pumpkins

P.A.CE. is a one-day a week pull-out program 
for those students meeting ODE guidelines 
for identification in the area of 
superior cognitive ability.

The P.A.C.E. classroom is designed to provide opportunities for students of high academic ability to:

  • discover and develop their unique interests, talents, and abilities
  • experience differentiated lessons
  • interact with intellectual peers
  • address affective needs.

The program uses an interdisciplinary approach,integrating core subjects, research skills,critical thinking skills, and creative problem solving into the yearly theme.

Programming Grade 7

• Extra Challenge English
• Pre-Algebra
• Visual/Performing Arts Options
• Core Plus Options
• Acceleration
• Mentorships/Tutors
• Counseling services

Programming Grade 8

• Algebra I
• Extra Challenge English
• Foreign Language: French, German, Spanish
• Visual/Performing Arts Options 
• Midwest Talent Search
• Core Plus Options
• Acceleration
• Mentorships/Tutors
• Counseling services


Download the document below titled, "Parent Referral for Gifted Identification," to determine gifted ability and complete referral. You can email or send to Gifted Coordinator Char Ebersole or Gifted Intervention Specialist Laura Weaver.

To View the District's Acceleration Policies - Click on Files Below:
Contact Information:

Laura Weaver

Gifted Coordinator &
Gifted Intervention Specialist
(419) 354-0500 - Kenwood 

or Central Administration Office (419) 352-3576 x4038


The Bowling Green School District believes in the intrinsic worth of every individual and holds that education is a vehicle by which every individual may advance toward his/her potential. Our students have the potential for outstanding accomplishments to self and society in widely varying fields. The Bowling Green School District provides differentiated activities and opportunities through which students discover and develop their unique and individual needs, interests, abilities, and talents.

Let us know if your child has been previously identified as gifted or send the Identification Letter to:

Bowling Green Area Schools
Gifted Services Office
137 Clough Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402

P.A.C.E. - Providing Acceleration, Creativity, & Enrichment  

Superior Cognitive Ability, Grades 3 - 6

P.A.C.E. students are assigned one day a week to the resource room, which offers a differentiated educational program especially designed to meet the learning needs of our most academically able students greater depth and complexity of concept, faster pace, time for independent study, and concentration on higher levels of thinking skills.

Program Goals Grades 3-6

Program Goals include student development of:

• talents and abilities in relation to self, others, and service to society
• research techniques and planning and organizational skills
• various forms of communication
• critical thinking skills
• creative thinking skills

Criteria for Placement

Placement decisions for services in the P.A.C.E. (Providing Acceleration, Creativity & Enrichment) Classroom are based on the following criteria:

• Student must meet ODE guidelines for gifted identification in superior cognitive thinking.
• ODE guidelines designate a ratio of one (1) gifted intervention specialist per fifteen (15) students in a resource room setting must be maintained. 
• In the event more than fifteen (15) students at one grade level are identified with the superior cognitive ability designation, placement will be made based on descending cognitive test scores. 
• In the event of several students obtaining the same score, a matrix will be used to determine placement.
• Every effort will be made to notify parents of placement for services prior to the start of each school year
• Identification information for transfer students meeting ODE guidelines or students newly-identified during the school year will be reviewed and placement made on a space available basis with the following


• No P.A.C.E. Classroom placements will be made after the end of the first semester.
• Parents/guardians of identified student shall have a pre-conference with the appropriate gifted intervention specialist.

Other programming options:

• Acceleration (see below)
• Mentorships/Tutors
• Counseling services

Programming Grades 9-12

• Honors Classes
• Advanced Placement Classes
• Visual/Performing Arts Options
• Independent Study
• Correspondence Courses
• Post-secondary Options
• Other options as available (BGSU; Junior Scholars)
• Acceleration
• Mentorships/Tutors
• Counseling services

Bright Learners

Gifted Learners


Knows the answers
Is interested
Is attentive
Has good ideas
Works hard
Answers the questions
Top group
Listens with interest
Learns with ease
6-8 repetitions
Understands ideas
Enjoys peers
Grasps the meaning
Completes assignments
Is receptive
Copies accurately
Enjoys school
Absorbs information
Good with memorization
Enjoys straightforward, sequential presentation
Is alert
Is pleased with own learning




Asks the questions
Is highly curious
Is mentally and physically involved
Has wild, silly ideas
Plays around, yet tests well

Discusses in detail, elaborates
Beyond the group
Shows strong feelings and opinions
Already knows
1-2 repetitions for mastery
Constructs abstractions
Prefers adults
Draws inferences
Initiates projects
Is intense
Creates a new design
Enjoys learning
Manipulates information
Good guesser
Thrives on complexity
Is keenly observant
Is highly self-critical

by Janice Szabos

Laura Weaver,
Mar 6, 2013, 4:31 PM
Laura Weaver,
Mar 6, 2013, 4:31 PM