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2018 Tournaments
   Following is information on some of the tournaments our members have provided us information.  If you want to see more tournaments across the locally or nationally, Click here for the link to Pickleball

Compass Point "Going Beyond The Pink" Fundraising Tournament. Participants must be residents of Brunswick or New Hanover County; Apr.16-21 and registration ends Mar.31. For more inro and application call Compass Point/contact person is Judy Hogan.
Chapel Hill Tournament--Apr.15 &16..register on line at https//

If are any tournaments you'd like to see advertised here, please contact the President of the BFPC, Dennis Shockley.

As our club continues to grow and new people join the pickleball craze, we unfortunately often hear about more and more injuries.  Many times, these injuries result in broken bones or other types of injuries where recovery ends up being long term.  Jan Abbott, who conducts the majority of our training has concluded that more falls occur on the first day a person starts playing pickleball than any time thereafter.  After getting past the first day, the beginner is most vulnerable for the next week or two.  

There appear to be two main reasons for most of these falls.  The first and easiest one to correct is improper shoes.  The second is a disconnect in the brain between what the body is capable of doing and reality.  This one is not as simple to correct so therefore our focus is going to be on getting the proper shoes for the game.

As safety is of paramount importance in any of our pickleball play, we highly suggest that all players only play in shoes made specifically for court play. These types of shoes can be purchased at almost any sporting type store.  Don't just ask for generic tennis shoes, ask for shoes made for court play such as tennis.  

For more information about Court Shoes:   Court Shoe Information 


Line Calls:  Last summer, one of our members was helping new players learn the game of Pickleball.  There was additional discussion regarding how he described making line calls especially since he used tennis to compare the differences between the two games line calls.  His description was right on target with the YouTube video below which describes Court Lines and demonstrates Compression and Point of Contact when determining if a ball is in or out. 

YouTube Video

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