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Contact Info for the USAPA

click here to go to the official USAPA Website.  You can find out all kinds of information about pickle ball training, tournaments, rules, and playing tips.

Shirts with BFPC Logo Ready for Ordering

Shirts with the BFPC logo are now available.  The BFPickleball Paddles Company will be handling all information regarding the sizes, color and sizes.  You can order your BFPC Logo Shirts online - or thru Marty Smith.  Contact him at 703-928-1619

To order online use the following link.  When you get to the Check-Out page add the size(s) and color(s) you desire in the Additional Note to Merchant directly above the Place Order button.

Club Logo Shirts

The ReserveMyCourt website Is Now Available in the App Store

​For those of you using the ReserveMyCourt (RMC) website for reservations to reserve our Fitness Center Pickleball courts, see below information from the vendor about their new iPhone App.  If you do not yet use RMC and want to use it rather than call the Fitness Center, simply contact the Fitness Center desk for instructions.   

ReserveMyCourt is pleased to announce the release of our IPhone App!  The RMC App was designed to streamline your reservation process with a simple and intuitive interface.  With a few simple clicks you will speed through the reservation process faster than ever before.  To get started, just follow one of the easy options below for installing the RMC App and you will be off and running.  As always, if you need any assistance or support please just write or call and we will be happy to help.  Thanks again for your support of RMC.

To Install on your iPhone Either:

1.  Go to the App Store on your Iphone and search for ReserveMyCourt


2.  Follow this link:

If you have any problems installing, go to their website, for support


    Our Fitness Center now has a wheelchair available for anyone with an injury who is unable to walk.  Obviously, these are for emergency use only, and, when needed, it can be obtained by going to the front desk and asking for it.

   You should also be aware that the Fitness Center also has defibrillator on site. Please do not hesitate to seek assistance.

Useful information on the game:

Click here to read an article about being the first server of the game:  Click to read RV Picklers Article on Importance of knowing the first server 
Click here to read an article about being hit by the ball:   Click to read about what happens when the ball hits you


   With all the rain we've been experiencing lately, it's a good time to remind everyone how to use the rollers used to remove water from the courts.   It's very important to note that you must always hang up the roller when you are done with it.  If you leave it standing on the ground, it creates a flat spot on the roller and renders it useless the next time we need to use it.    I've attached a link to a YouTube video showing how to use the roller in a circular motion that is supposed to be a faster and more effective method; however, rolling the water off to the end of the courts is still an option.  

Two very important things about the roller to avoid damaging it:  

        Always hang up the roller when done!  
        Never step on the roller to wring out the water.  😊

YouTube Video -- Drying a Tennis Court

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