2018 BFPC SkatterDay Saturdays

SkatterDay Saturdays will be taking a break until March 2018.

SkatterDay Saturdays follows a competitive, progression play format.  Although scores will not be published, it is not a social event.  

There will be three levels of play:  Dill: for levels 2.5;   Hot & Spicy:  for levels 3.0;   and    Jalapeñofor levels 3.5+. Play will be at the Cape Fear National (CFN) courts.    Sweet - Level 2.0 players may participate in a competitive-like format of play on Fridays from 10-12 at the Fitness Center Courts (Click here to go to: Beginner Round Robin).  While members will self-rate their level of play when signing up, the Competition Committee may need to move players among levels to evenly load the program for that week.

Sign-up begins on the Sunday before play and the cut-off will be by noon on the Friday before play is scheduled.  Each level will have 24 slots, plus 2 for substitutes; but if 6 courts cannot be filled, then the remaining number of people will become subs for that SkatterDay.   You may only sign-up for one week at a time.

Random assignments are made for the first three games.  Games will be played to 11. Players will play no more than six (6) games on any day.  It will work as follows:  Four people will play 3 games, rotating partners each game.  For example, 1st game:  players 1 & 2 vs. players 3 & 4; then players 1 & 3 vs. 2 & 4, and the 3rd game is 1 &  4 vs 2 & 3.  Players total their own scores for all three games to determine the next level.   The next level has the 2 highest scoring people on one court, play against the two highest scorers from another court; then the lowest scorers of one court play against the lowest scorers of another court; and the middle scorers play against each other.  It will make a lot more sense once you start playing, so come out and play!

Please note:  You must be a BF Pickleball Club member who has paid their current year's dues and has a signed waiver on file in order to play in this event.

Click here to--->>>SignUp to play.