League Results

CONGRATULATIONS and thanks to everyone who participated in the Spring League 2017!!   We hope you all enjoyed the games and met some new and challenging players to play with in the future.

We'd also like to thank all the friends and members who came to support and cheer on the playoff teams. 

Here are the winners of League playoffs held on June 13, 2017.

Women's League:

    🥇1st Place:    Team Kalish
           Eileen Kalish, Janet Stoler, Nancy Valetti and Nancy Nelson
                – subs JoAnna Mika and Peggy Mielke

    🥈2nd Place:   Team Pfister
            Glenda Pfister, Liliana Berman, Laurie Lindsay and Joanne Reeves

    🥉3rd Place:    Team Soules
            Michelle Soules, Jessica Sciuto, Sue Dalpe and Judy Birtwistle
                 – subs Jean Hamilton and Donna Montesano

     🏅 Runner Up: Team Levine

              Darlene Levine, Adrienne Stanton, Debbie Piccillo, Lee Gosney


Men's League:

   🥇 1st Place:   Team Sheetz
            Jeff Sheetz, Bruce Dumonceau, Pete Crosby and Cliff Simpson

   🥈2nd Place:   Team Nygard
            Ray Nygard, Anthony Piccillo, Alan Warner & Walt Corliss

   🥉3rd Place:    Team Holloman
            Richard Holloman, Brandon Smith, Izzy Fleischer, Patrick McCaferty

  🏅 Runner Up: Team Lane
                  Steve Lane, Bob Page, Mike Leffin and Ralph Cournoyer
                 – sub Dave Becker

Men's Playoff Teams