BFPC Competition Information - Club Members Only

SkatterDay Saturdays began Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shark Challenge begins October 2017

The 2017 Spring Leagues began Tuesday, April 4th and ended June 13th

The 2017 Ladders Season ended April 29th and will no longer be offered

The BFPC sponsors several types of organized activities, all varying in their level of competitiveness -- Leagues; ScatterDay Saturdays; and Round Robins and will be introducing a Shark Challenge on Monday evenings.

SkatterDay Saturday:  Replaces the Ladder format.  Progression format of play where scores are not published.  The Competition Committee will maintain an internal list of players and their standings to ensure equal skill levels are playing against each other.  How does it work?  Four players per court play 3 games, rotating partners after each game (played to 11) - this format will allow multiple courts to play simultaneously.  At the end of the third game, individual players tally the number of points they earned at the end of the games.  The players with the highest number of points move up a court to play against the higher scorers of another court, the players with the lowest number of points, move down a court to play against players with similar scores, and the middle player stay where they play against those who scored similarly.   More information will be provided by the Competition Committee, who will be guiding the event.

Shark Challenge:   Consists of two two-person teams where participation is done by a sign up sheet - one at the CFN courts, and one at the Fitness Center courts.  How does it work after that?   You pick a partner and sign up to be challenged by up to three other teams.  You then show up at the Fitness Center courts to play three games per challenger.  More information will be provided by the Competition Committee, who will be guiding the event.  Initially, Open Play on Monday nights will be reduced to only two courts (#3 and #4); the Shark Challenges will be played on Courts #1 and #2.   Depending on the popularity of the Shark Challenge, Monday evening Open Play may be eliminated.

Leagues are also a competitive event, but done as a team sport.  Leagues are held Tuesday evenings at the CFN courts.  Each team consists of four people, one of which is the team captain.  Team captains meet at the beginning of a league season and choose their team via four rounds of  'draft' picks.   Every week, each win/loss is recorded and posted.  Playoffs are held at the end of each season to determine a winning team.  If you sign up to play in a league, you must play every week for the entire season, subs can be used, if you are unable to play one or two weeks of the season.     Prizes are even awarded at the end of the season!    For more information about this play, click here-->> Leagues or go to the League link on the left.

**League play requires every participant to self-declare their level of play.  You will be expected to play at the level you chose for a period of time.   If someone inadvertently declares themselves in the skill level and is found to be overqualified or under-qualified, the ladder or league Captain has the ability to move that person into the appropriate level of play.

Round Robins are the least competitive of all.   Players are limited to beginners only (levels 1.0 or 1.5) and are played on Tuesday mornings at the Fitness Center courts. For more information about Round Robins, when they are scheduled and how to sign up to play, click here-->> Beginner Round Robin or go to the BFPC website and click on Beginner Round Robin