Schedule of Play

Although the schedule is not as crowded, it is still a courtesy to limit your time on each court to one game of eleven (11) at a time.   Once that game is over, please exit the court to allow another group of four the opportunity to play. And, if there are people who are not adhering to this, do not be afraid to say something -nicely- so that play is equitable to all.

Quick summary:
    Monday and Wednesday mornings (8-10 am) --  Drop-in for Intermediates and above on all courts
        Monday evenings (5-7 pm) Courts 1 & 2    --  Drop-in for all levels on Courts 1 & 2
        Monday evenings (5-7 pm) Courts 3 & 4    --  Drop-in for all levels on Courts 3 & 4
        Monday evenings (5-7 pm) CFN Courts      --  Shark Challenge at CFN Courts (1-6)
        Wednesday evenings (5-9 pm)                  --  Drop-in for all levels on all courts
    Tuesday and Thursday mornings (8-10 am)    -- Drop-in for Beginners on Courts 1 & 2 (Tuesdays); Courts 3 & 4 (Thursdays)
    Tuesday and Thursday mornings (8-10 am)    -- Drop-in for Intermediates on Courts 3 & 4 (Tuesdays); Courts 1 & 2 (Thursdays)
    Tuesday Evenings (5-9 pm)                            -- League/Round Robin Play at CFN Courts (1-6)
    Friday mornings (8-10 am)                            -- Drop-in for Intermediate and above on all Courts
    Friday mornings (10 am-12 pm)                    -- Round Robin Play for Beginners/Intermediates
    Saturday mornings  (8-12)                                   --  SkatterDay Saturday play at CFN Courts (1-6)
    Sunday mornings (8-12)                                -- Open Play for all players

For more details, see the calendar below: