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Membership Registration

Please note that your membership is effective when your online registration form has been processed and a Waiver (for each individual or family member) as well as your Membership Dues payment has been received by the BFPC Treasurer.   Dues can be given to any of the Board of Directors of the BFPC, but for prompt action, send to Dave Becker, contact info listed below.    Memberships are effective from January through December of each calendar year.

(Membership will not be complete and there will be no participation in club activities until a signed waiver, registration, and membership dues have been received and processed.) 
After completing this online registration please mail or deliver your Waiver and payment to Jeff Mahall at 2163 Forest View Circle, Leland, NC 28451. 
Checks should be made payable to BFPC.  If you plan to hand deliver your payment, please call Jeff Mahall at 401-338-6710 first to be sure someone will be home to accept it.

To register please follow these instructions carefully:
  • For Membership Registration, simply complete the Membership Registration Form below making sure to use the SUBMIT button at completion.  You will then see:
                Membership Registration Form
                Your response has been recorded.  If this is an Individual Membership - you are done.
                If this is a Family Membership, click on "submit another response" below until all family members have been completed.
                Submit another response

*****For a Family Membership Registration you must complete the Membership Registration Form once for each family member.   When completing the form for the 2nd and all following family members, choose the "N/A - Family Continuation" option under Payment Method.  Remember to use the SUBMIT button at completion for each person.  When you have completed a form for each of your family members you are done, so just select another option from the left sidebar to stay in the BFPC website or close this browser tab.   ALSO - All family members need to sign a Waiver 

Membership Registration Form