Welcome to your Pickleball Club

Our club is open to all Brunswick Forest residents who like to play pickleball and socialize with fellow pickler's.  You may choose to play socially at the scheduled drop-in hours, reserve a court time for you and your partners to play on your own, or play competitively at organized events.  

Brunswick Forest is fortunate to have two sets of pickleball courts. Four courts are located near the tennis courts at the Fitness and Wellness Center and are available to reserve or just drop in to play every day after 10 AM, except Sunday.  Courts at the Fitness Center may be reserved by contacting the Fitness Center, or by accessing “ReserveMyCourt” on the web.  There are also six courts available at our Cape Fear National Courts (CFN).  CFN courts cannot be reserved for personal use and are available for all residents (club members or not) anytime except for Tuesday evenings between 5-9 pm and Saturday mornings between 8 am-12 noon -- these times are reserved for specific BFPC events.

BFPC membership costs $15 per year for an individual and $25 per year for a family.  Beginning July 1 through October 31, 2017, membership dues are $10 until the end of the year for an individual and $15 until the end of the year for a family. To become a member, go to the navigation panel on the left side of this page and click on 'Membership Registration'.  Complete the registration form, click on "Waiver Form" in the Navigation panel on the left, then print out a waiver form and sign it. For a family membership, a signed waiver form is required from all members of the family. Send the signed waiver(s) and your membership dues to the BFPC treasurer listed on the 'Membership Registration' page.  Once the processing of these actions are complete, you will get an email notifying you that your name has been added to our membership and email lists.   

As a BFPC member, you will be able to:

  • Take advantage of the court times reserved specifically for our members. For example:

    • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-10, are specifically for set for beginners.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are for intermediate level players.

      Click on the 'Schedule of Play' link to the left for more times

  • Participate in an organized, competitive league.

  • Participate in organized, competitive weekly ladders.

  • Participate in all social events throughout the year, most of which are free.  

    At a minimum, the BFPC has two breakfasts, a mid-summer party, a membership renewal party, and a holiday party.
  • There is also a Round-Robin, a non-competitive event designed specifically for beginners to learn how to play in a fun, but organized manner.  

  • BFPC also provides pickleballs for your use at the courts

As you progress in skill level, you may want to explore a more competitive play environment.  For this, the BFPC sponsors a weekly competitive play, known as “SkatterDay Saturday”.  For this, you sign up weekly, and our Director of Competition will place you in a group of players at your skill level.  These are held on Saturday mornings and usually begin in Feb and continues through Dec.   For more details, click on the "BFPC Competition Information"  tab on the left.

In addition to SkatterDay Saturday, the BFPC organizes league play for the Spring, Summer and Fall sessions.  In this you are teamed with other individuals to form a 4 person team competing against other teams.  Currently, teams are comprised of only Brunswick Forest residents, but we are hoping to be able to branch out to other local communities soon.   Leagues play in the Spring and Fall, keep checking our website for updated details.

If that's not enough, there are also a number of tournaments available in the local area, from Jacksonville to Myrtle Beach and beyond. If you want to widen your experience against the diverse skill sets of players from other parts of the U.S., entering a tournament is the way to go.  In the past, the BF Pickleball Paddles company has even hosted several of these tournaments in Brunswick Forest. Any tournaments we are aware of will be posted on the "BF Pickleball Buzz" tab on the left.

Our BFPC does not provide any pickleball training, but there is a local company, BF Pickleball Paddles, which not only sells pickleball equipment, but also is our main resource for training to all levels of players within and outside of Brunswick Forest.   For more information on their training schedule, or to schedule a private lesson, click on the following link: www.bfpickleballpaddles.com/brunswick-forest.html  

Good Luck with Brunswick Forest pickleball.  Please explore all the links to the left for more details on everything we do. If you have additional questions, the Club's officers and contact info is located on the "About Us" tab on the left. We hope you join us!!!

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