Project Ideas

Find a Summer Reading Project You’ll Enjoy!

To receive full credit for this assignment, please make sure your project includes details from the book other than those available in an online summary or that you heard in the summer reading presentation in your English class this spring.

Do you like working with your hands?

  • Make a craft as a gift for a character.
  • Sculpt or create a piece of 3D art inspired by the book.
  • Make a model of a scene from the book.
  • Make a scrap book from the perspective of a character.

Do you like drawing or painting?

  • Paint a portrait of a character.
  • Draw a scene from the story.
  • Make a comic of part of the story. 

Do you like to know the facts behind things?

  • Investigate the background of the author and describe connections between them and the story.
  • Research a topic covered in the book and present your findings on the accuracy of the book.
  • Look into the historical background of the book and describe how the action would be different in a different time period.
  • Make a timeline of the action in the book.

Do you like music?

  • Write a song inspired by the book.
  • Do an interpretative dance inspired by the book.
  • Make a playlist for a character in the book, or a soundtrack to the book.

Do you like writing?

  • Write a letter to a character in the book telling them why you think they made some right or wrong choices and WHY.
  • Write a letter to the author asking questions about the book that may have been unclear to you or giving advice on how the book could have been better.
  • Write a poem inspired by the book.
  • Write a prologue, epilogue or bonus chapter to the book. 
  • Write a series of letters or emails from one character to another.
  • Create a blog from the perspective of one of the characters in your book.

Do you like film?

  • Create a photographic version of the book.
  • Make a trailer for the book.
  • Film your interpretation of a scene from the book.
  • Create a prologue or an epilogue for the book.
  • Do a podcast version of one of the response pieces.