Summer Reading

See the summer reading list HERE.

You can choose to read any book from YALSA's Best Fiction for Young Adults 2016 list!
Thanks to BHS and Briscoe students who took part in the vetting process this year.

If you haven't done your project yet - check out these great ideas from Eaglecrest High School!
If you want to look at some project suggestions based on your own interests - check them out here!

You then have three options to turn in your project -

  • if you have a digital copy and want to get it out of the way, you can upload it to turnitin as part of the virtual first day.
  • if you have a physical project, bring it to the library ton your first day of school and drop it off on the circulation desk.
  • if you made a media project that is too big to upload to turnitin, you can bring it to the library on a flash drive and give it to Ms Fecteau in person the first day of school.

Please be aware that any projects turned in after the first day of school will be graded with a maximum grade of 3.

Summer reading rubric is available HERE.

If you are a transfer student or an exchange student, please see Ms Fecteau in the library for other options.


If you want to upload to Turitin, make sure you use your email!

All written projects must be uploaded to turnitin. Assignments are due the first week of school. No assignments will be accepted after October 1. 

You can use turnitin to upload a written project or to upload a link to an online project. If you have an art project, just bring it to the library.

11th Grade Summer reading form