Don’t throw away those unwanted hearing aids!!

They can be reused

Give the gift of hearing to someone who otherwise may not be able to afford it
Donate unwanted hearing aids to the BHAA Hearing Aid Bank

As renovations have now been completed, commencing February 2017 we will now be returning to our usual venue at

SACOSS, Marjorie Black House, 47 King William Road Unley 5061.

Next Coffee Morning Wednesday March 15..... See Events for Details

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Good news for hearing impaired theatregoers!
Captioning of live performances  has now become more available, with the introduction of an app for smartphones and tablets, which has been created by The Captioning Studio. Many members will be familiar with the Captioning Studio, as Nari Jennings has attended past functions as  a speaker.
A short captioned video explaining this useful facility can be seen at